Tashkent State University of Law

401–600 th
Impact Rankings 2021
Sayilgokh str. 35, Tashkent, 100047, Uzbekistan

About Tashkent State University of Law

The history of Tashkent State University of Law (TSUL) dates back to 1918, when the department of legal studies was established. Between 1918 and 1990, there were many name and structural changes but in 1991, Tashkent State Institute of Law was founded. In 2013, the Tashkent State Institute of Law was transformed into a university.

TSUL is located at the core of Tashkent city, at Amir Temur square, and it has three historical buildings, which were built in 1875.

The university prepares students for the legal world with bachelor's degrees offered within the framework of five programs: constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, international law and business law.

In addition, students can specialise further in their master’s degrees within subjects like: public law and governance, law and medicine and financial and legal monitoring. Classes are conducted in three languages: Uzbek, Russian, and English.

The campus has a library, courtrooms for Moot court, a forensic laboratory, coworking zone and sports facilities.

Student houses provide all the necessary comforts including a kitchen, laundry, fitness room and a library.

TSUL has partnerships with more than 30 universities in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Universities include: the universities of Osaka and Nagoya (Japan), Boston College (United States), the University of Law (UK). There’s an academic exchange of students and teachers as well as an area for joint research opportunities.

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