Superior University strives to empower students, enabling them to become the custodians of the future. Superior University is founded on the belief that empowering the youth and unlocking their true potential is crucial to building economically sustainable and socially-responsible communities. In a bid to foster the academic and professional promise of the young minds, Superior has developed the most indigenous and comprehensive experiential learning ecosystem to equip the students with 21st-century skills while providing education with a professional ethos to become a hub of skilled and insightful future leaders. While having a firm belief in enabling the youth through the cycle of "thinking-acting-experiencing-reflecting", Superior facilitate them to critically analyse, conceptualise, create new knowledge through research, and perform competitively in their professions. This comprehensive teaching approach includes classroom learning under the guidance of seasoned teachers and hands-on practice to comprehend the implementation of different theories to ensure student success. Each faculty and department at Superior is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, in-house centres of excellence, and Strategic Business Units, which work closely with the academic stakeholders to provide industry insights to the teaching staff and an opportunity for experiential learning to the students at Superior.

More than 20000 students, 13 faculties and 35000 alumni are a representation and testament to Superior University's limitless potential and ever-expanding socio-economic impact. Since its establishment as a University, Superior University has expanded to four campuses and three sub-campuses while advancing in the realms of technology, the socio-political landscape, and organisational objectives. Superior University is committed to learning continuously and becoming a leading university enabling individuals to live their dreams.


Research, Innovation, and Commercialisation

Superior University has always believed in structured growth in every segment of the research arena. The research stakeholders at the university see research as a multi-angle function featuring high-impact research papers, collaborative project grants, patents, technology transfers and commercialisation of research while publishing quality journals, and networking with research-intensive organisations by increasing the number of PhD researchers at the university. The university has a plethora of research projects running, including publicly funded projects, third-party contract research projects, and consultancy projects, and this work makes a difference in the lives of people by addressing real-world issues through a vast network of partnerships and collaborations. Superior believes interdisciplinary research improves and inspires creative and innovative ideas and solutions.


Multidisciplinary Research & Commercialisation Wing (MDRCW):

Superior University is working tirelessly on the commercialisation of research in collaboration with faculties within the framework through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research groups across the university, which have been further strengthened by the creation of ‘Multidisciplinary Research & Commercialisation Wing (MDRCW)’. MDRCW facilitates more than 42 multidisciplinary research groups to execute more than 32 projects in 45 labs while working closely with these groups until the complete transfer of developed technologies with proper commercialisation.


Superior Impact Fund:

Superior University has also established a dedicated fund for supporting research projects, on competitive merit, for high-quality and promising scientific research that demonstrates strategic relevance while casting an impact on the local industry and society. SIF aims to stimulate scientific excellence and advancement of knowledge by providing researchers with the freedom to formulate research concepts and methods all by themselves.


Research Themes:

Superior University has well-informed and up-to-date research themes and a staunch belief in contextual progress, and for this reason, the university closely watches the society while keeping the global trends of research in view. The below-listed themes have the capacity to impact the socioeconomic landscape and foster a knowledge economy in the local context.

  1. Health Wellness and Determinants of Human Health
  2. Emerging Technologies and Sustainable Communities
  3. Justice and Equality
  4. Agriculture, Food, and Bio-economy
  5. Expanding Partnership, innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. Public Policy and Governance
  7. Culture, Art, History, and Identity


Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Superior University aims to establish a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem to enable sustainable, self-sufficient, and progressive communities where people are trained and facilitated to take initiatives, face risks, practice innovation, and eventually; achieve financial independence. These objectives are aligned with Superior’s unique and comprehensive plan to teach, guide, mentor, and develop the graduates into future entrepreneurs and develop entrepreneurial mindset and behaviours among its students, staff and faculty to develop their ability to turn ideas into action. Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship and Development played a crucial role to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth to bolster Small and Medium Enterprises to facilitate the economic development of Pakistan.

To equip students with the right mindset of becoming entrepreneurs and job creators rather than job seekers, CMACED provides facilities, access to entrepreneurial networks and mentorship to studentpreneurs to nurture their business ideas. It includes creativity, innovation, showing initiative and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects to achieve objectives. This practice supports everyone in day-to-day life at home and in society, makes employees more aware of the context of their work and better able to seize opportunities, and provides a foundation for entrepreneurs establishing a social or commercial activity.


Our Entrepreneurial Eco System


Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program

The core idea behind the ETTP initiative is to equip young minds with an entrepreneurial toolkit and enable them to become future job creators. The continuously evolving mechanism of ETTP and its multifunctional subsidiary platforms have yielded tremendous results.


Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Superior Social Entrepreneurship Program is working to develop the mindset of youth towards social entrepreneurship. The overall pragmatic approach configured in this program will instill students with all proficiencies required to become a social entrepreneur in the diverse fields of society. This initiative aims to flourish the citizenship behaviour among Pakistani youth by delivering indigenous education and training programs and empowering them to create social change through community outreach initiatives that ultimately lead towards a prosperous Pakistan.




3U1M is an experiential learning framework focused on ensuring Student Success: one of the core values of Superior University. This revolutionary framework includes three years of study at the university and one year of market-intensive practical exposure in the industry. Through Superior’s comprehensive teaching and industrial training program, the students learn and develop the necessary 21st-century skills that guarantee employability. The entire 3U1M program develops the right blend of knowledge, skills and attitudes in our youth.


Idea Croron Ka

Idea Croron Ka is a platform that bridges the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. This show is a crucial step to develop a culture of entrepreneurship amongst the masses. Idea Croron Ka gives budding entrepreneurs a platform to present their ideas to business tycoons and investors, who analyse their ideas, provide them with investment and help them scale. It also features segments focusing on prominent figures in Pakistan who have undergone hardships to ultimately achieve their goals.


Oh My Genius

Oh My Genius is based on multiple offerings to the champions of the future, a program designed to mentor, support and equip today’s children with the necessary success skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs. This program teaches kids what it took to succeed in our global new-age economy, equip them with the success skills they need and sets them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age. Oh My Genius is an interactive curriculum training program that not only teaches kids about entrepreneurship but sets children up to become successful entrepreneurs.


Her Karobar


This program is designed to provide a platform for women to enable and empower them so that they can increase their presence in the business workforce and self-owned businesses with the help of trainers for education, mentors to identify the right path, investment and funding opportunities for growth and globalisation.


Scaleup PK


Scaleup PK lends critical support to expand an existing venture by employing innovative ideas, one-on-one mentorship, technological solutions, expansion strategies, and investor liaison. An experienced team of industry experts guides the students to initiate research-backed foundational adjustments in the existing business to facilitate its growth and efficiency.


Idea District 92

Idea District 92 is a state-of-the-art incubation centre where our dedicated coaches convert the entrepreneurial zeal of students into successful startups. The students are provided mentoring and handholding throughout the process of ideation to commercialisation of the ventures. The support includes mentoring, meeting with relevant industry experts, co-working space, linkages with potential investors, facilitation in business registration, and fulfilling other legal obligations.

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