Lille Catholic University

60 Boulevard Vauban, 59800 Lille, France

About Lille Catholic University

Lille Catholic University is a private federation of institutions that are inspired by the Catholic religion. It was established in 1973.

The federation comprises of five faculties, 20 schools and institutes, research centres and and a hospital. The schools and institutes are: law and economics, management; health and welfare; science and technology; humanities and theology and education and training. There are also a number of associated high schools with the university.

A number of courses are taught in English across the university.

Students have access to sports activities at the sports centre in Ennetières-en-Weppes which is around 10 km from Lille. Here students can play a number of indoor and outdoor activities such as football, tennis, table tennis, handball, rugby, volleyball and basketball among others. There is also a gym at the heart of the campus.

There are 300 student associations at the university studying 200 distinct degree programmes. The university has international partnerships with 537 universities across the world.

The three primary areas of research are around a Third Industrial Revolution, innovative ecosystems and ethics and new social models.

The University Cultural Centre arranges lectures, public debates, special meetings, and cultural exhibits for students to attend. This is where students are invited to discover artists and join the university choir and orchestra.

There university medical centre offers students general medical consultations as well as nurse appointments, dietitian consultations and psychological support.

The campus covers 10 hectares in the city of Lille and includes 2,000 student rooms, a chaplaincy, and a cultural centre.