About École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique, also known as l’X, is the leading French institute which combines top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology. Its academic programs – Bachelor, Ingénieur Polytechnicien, Master’s, Graduate Degree and PhD – are highly selective and promote a culture of excellence with a strong emphasis on science, anchored in humanist traditions.

  • École Polytechnique's Bachelor program is designed for high potential students from all over the world.

Fully taught in English, this 3-year program is based on a scientific multidisciplinary core with an emphasis on mathematics. Students have the choice between three double majors: mathematics and computer science, mathematics and physics, mathematics and economics. On top of their education in fundamental sciences, students follow courses in humanities and social sciences, languages and sports, providing them with the necessary soft skills to complement their scientific background and knowledge. They are also exposed to industry as part of the curriculum.

  • École Polytechnique's full-time English Graduate Degree Programs are industry-oriented and combine:
    • close industry collaboration for real-world education
    • high-level research training and innovation management know-how
    • multidisciplinary à la française.

These two-year long programs prepare talented students from all over the world to take on leadership positions in technology-driven organizations.

Available programs for Fall 2018 include:

- Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance.

Primarily intended for students with comprehensive mathematical training and an interest in economics, this program offers the unique opportunity to gain a complete, economics-based strategic understanding of new, transforming and disrupting markets in 21st century industry.

-  Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management

Based on a foundation of engineering and applied sciences training, the STEEM program offers graduates the tools to understand the socioeconomic context of climate change and to master the evolutions of our relationship with energy. 

- Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management

This graduate degree aims to foster real-world technical expertise from resource diagnostic and innovative depollution engineering to integrative strategies for remediation and valorization.

-  Internet of Things: Innovation and Management program

This program is a complete program for future entrepreneurs, engineers and IT/IoT consultants with a passion for the internet of things, and the curiosity to investigate the many sectors that overlap within the field.  

-  Smart Cities and Urban Policy

Designed for students with a strong mathematical background and an interest in economics, The Metro Economics for Smart Cities Graduate Degree provides an in-depth understanding of new and transforming metropolitan areas and their competitive environments.

-  Data Science for Business

Taught jointly by École Polytechnique and HEC Business School, this program combines a scientific and a business approach to contemporary Data Science issues and challenges.

- Cybersecurity: Threats and Defense

Based on the École Polytechnique's trademark interdisciplinary approach, the program will provide you with necessary expertise in all aspects of cybersecurity - be it hardware or software.  It is a complete program for future experts in computer security, and for all activities in which protecting data or privacy is essential.

- Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing

At the edge between computer science and applied mathematics, Artificial Intelligence is a constantly growing field which recent advances are highly impressive. Combined with Visual Computing techniques, Artificial Intelligence leads to strong societal impact applications. This curriculum in Artificial Intelligence and Visual Computing is therefore at the heart of digital sciences and of its most promising, recent applications.

  • École Polytechnique's Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program is a unique 4-year program: 3 years to obtain the Engineering degree and 1 year to obtain École Polytechnique’s Diploma. This 4-year curriculum provides students with:
    • A multidisciplinary scientific training that gives students a broad scientific base (basic sciences, engineering sciences, social economics)
    • A human, military and sports training that allows students to develop their behavioral and relational skills
    • Specialized courses with advanced scientific concentrations that rival the top engineering schools worldwide
  • École Polytechnique's PhD program combines both Master’s and PhD degrees, is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in leading academic institutions or top companies throughout the world. Students in this program benefit from École Polytechnique’s dynamic ecosystem and are closely associated to the research activities conducted at l’X right from the beginning of their Master’s studies. They work closely with faculty members who provide them with individual coaching, oversee their progress and help customize their training with regards to their interests and goals”

L’X guarantees an outstanding experience to its international students, from their admission to their careers’ follow-up, providing them with very dedicated services, such as individual academic coaching, administrative and financial support and counseling, or Alumni mentoring. This unique environment, combined with the high-level of the students who go through a very selective process to access École Polytechnique, also attracts some of the most distinguished faculty in the world.

With its Research departments which are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), École Polytechnique Research Center explores the frontiers of interdisciplinary knowledge to provide major contributions to science, technology, and society. L’X is also a founding member and a leader of the Paris-Saclay University, a major scientific and economic cluster which brings together top French higher education and research institutions, as well as R&D centers of prominent international companies.


  • 4th best small university in the world and 2nd in Europe by Times Higher Education (2017 World’s Best Small Universities Ranking)
  • 4th institution worldwide and 2nd in Europe in educating global business leaders (2017 Alma Mater Index Global Executives)
  •  About 3,000 graduate students, 36% international, over 60 nationalities on campus
  • 670 faculty members, 39% international
  • 5:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 11 academic departments with 1,600 personnel, 1,350 publications per year
  • More than 30 double degree program agreements
  • 22 exam centers across 4 continents
  • 1,500 student housing units
  • 8,000 m2 of indoor sport facilities and 8ha of outdoor sports facilities

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