Institutional Strengths

Score 39.6 /100

Percentage of international students

Score 38.7 /100

Percentage of international staff

About CETYS Universidad

We are a higher education institution, advocated to excellence and strategically located alongside the US-Mexico border, connected globally via the Pacific Ocean and in one of the most prosperous states in the Northwestern part of Mexico.

Key Statistics:

  • +7.5K students
  • +35K alumni
  • 61% of full-time faculty with doctoral degree
  • 53% of graduating class with an international experience

CETYS was founded in 1961, by a group of visionary businessmen who foresaw then, and continue to oversee now, the need for high quality education.

Seeking to provide a unique educational experience, CETYS established six distinctive elements of its education: innovation and entrepreneurship, internationalization, information literacy, sustainability, linkage and social responsibility. These are incorporated in all of our programs at High School, Undergraduate and Graduate level and in all areas of study: Engineering, Business, as well as Social Sciences and Humanities.

This unique academic offer makes CETYS education attractive in the local, national and international context.

Since its foundation, CETYS has been an institution devoted to quality education. Under this philosophy, the institution has strived for national and international accreditation by agencies measuring within the highest standards our academic programs, human resources and infrastructure.

With modern technology, our facilities provide optimal space for a wide array of both academic and co-curricular activities. CETYS has a diverse offer to guide students in realizing academic, personal and professional goals as they progress towards the completion of their program and beyond graduation. Sports, Cultural and Social activities are available throughout our campuses.

Serving as a point for confluence and development of university, industry and government collaborations, through our Centers of Excellence we focus on research, consulting, projects, among others initiatives using our fields of expertise, beneficial to the social, cultural and economic development of the region and neighboring communities on both sides of the border.