World University Rankings 2020 table information

September 11, 2019

Key statistics
The data shown under key statistics is that provided by the university itself in its submission to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It represents data from the 2017 academic year, and may vary from subsequent or earlier years.

This is the number of full-time equivalent students at the university.

Student-to-staff ratio
This is the ratio of full-time equivalent students to the number of academic staff – those involved in teaching or research.

International students
The percentage of students originating from outside the country of the university.

Female-to-male ratio
The ratio of female to male students at the university.

Editor’s note: September 2019 

After the ranking production was finalised over the summer of 2019, the University of Haifa informed us that they had submitted, and signed off, incorrect academic staff and student numbers into THE’s data portal. This matter was reviewed under our corrections policy, and we agreed, at our discretion, to re-calculate the University of Haifa’s score based on a corrected data submission. The revision has not affected the university’s position, which remains in the same ranking band (501–600).

As per THE's rankings correction policy, where an amendment is made, the relevant institution is retrospectively listed in its correct position. We do not rerun the complete ranking and we only amend when a change is positive. All other universities maintain their original rank.

THE is committed to transparency and accountability across all of its rankings.

Our corrections policy is available to view here.

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