What do you love about your small university? Shortlist and winner revealed

The results are in and we can reveal the winner of the competition to win an iPad, and a shortlist of reasons why students love their small university.

February 9 2016
Best small universities #tinyversity

What small universities lack in sheer size of their student body, they certainly make up for in the pride and passion of their students. 

After the Times Higher Education announced the top 20 world's best universities 2016, students, staff and alumni sent in their own experiences and reasons why they love being at a tiny institution.

The shortlist

The following five tweets were shortlisted for providing interesting insight into why the experience at a small university is so valuable  for some students:

The winner

The Times Higher Education's editorial team voted Umut Gencay Zorlu as the winner of the #tinyversity competition. It was particularly interesting to hear how the intimacy of Sabanci University in Istanbul contrasted with Umut's experience elsewhere in the busy city.

An iPad mini will be on its way to Turkey soon.

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