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The 15 most-read student articles of 2019

We reveal the most-read articles on the THE Student site in 2019 including a pioneering new ranking on global impact, tips to make the most out of your time at university and a series of subject guides

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    Seeta Bhardwa

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    December 27 2019
    the 15 most popular student articles of 2019


    Throughout 2019 many student blogs and advice pieces have been published to assist students at any stage in the university journey.

    These include articles on putting together applications, blogs from international students from all over the world, and of course a huge number of rankings aimed at helping students choose the best university for them.

     Below are the most popular articles published in 2019, but be sure to check out the many other articles that were published during the year. 

    15. Top universities for climate action

     2019 saw the release of the first ever University Impact Rankings. These rankings measure how universities are committing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and making progress in important areas such as climate action, poverty and inequality. While the top universities for climate action was the most popular article, top universities for tackling gender equality and top universities in the world for global impact were also popular pages.

    top universities for climate action

    14. What happens after you submit your Ucas application?

    There are many guides telling you how to fill out your application form, but not many will explain what happens after you send it off. This guide provides a breakdown of the key dates you need to be aware of in the lead-up to finding out if you’ve secured your place at university. 

    What happens after you submit your ucas application

    13. A guide to student bank accounts in the US

    Managing your finances are a big part of being a student and choosing your bank is an important decision. This guide breaks down what the major banks in the US are offering, whether you are an international or domestic student. 

    a guide to student bank accounts in the US

    12. Where do Oscar-winning actors go to university?

    An analysis shows that many of the Best Actor and Best Actress winners at the Oscars of the past 30 years studied in California. Perhaps to be close to Hollywood to catch their big break? 

    where do oscar winning actors go to university?

    11. The world’s best small universities 2019

    It seems that size doesn’t matter when prospective students are looking at universities. Many students are drawn to smaller institutions because of the community feel and small class sizes. The list of the world’s best small universities uses World University Rankings data to rank the universities with fewer than 5,000 students. 

    best small universities in the world

    10. Best young universities in the world 2019

    Younger universities are often overlooked in favour of centuries-old institutions with high reputations. But newer universities have a lot to bring to the table in terms of innovation – and the THE Young University Rankings shine a light on those institutions younger than 50 years old. 

    best young universities in the world

    9. What is the TEF? Results of the teaching excellence framework 2019

    The teaching excellence framework (TEF) is a system that assesses the quality of teaching in universities in England. The updated results for 2019 showed little movement among universities but still made for interesting reading.

    What is the tef? Results of the teaching excellence framework

    8. Most-recommended universities in the United States

    Student testimonials are an important resource for prospective students when looking for a new university. The THE/WSJ US Student Survey of thousands of students across the US revealed which university they were most likely to recommend to their friends or family. The survey was carried out as part of the THE/WSJ US College Rankings 2020

    most recommended universities in the US

    7. Most international universities in the world 2019

    When looking for a university it’s important to know that your chosen institution has good support for international students. Using World University Rankings data, we’ve put together a list of the universities that are the most international in terms of students and staff, research collaboration and global reputation.

    most international universities in the world

    6. Five tips to make the most of your university experience

    University can feel quite daunting for many new students. These five tips can help you make the most of your time at university and to handle your newfound independence. 

    five steps to make the most your university experience

    5. What can you do with...?

    Sometimes knowing which path a certain degree will lead you on can make it easier to decide which subject to study. These guides outline what you would learn, which other subjects compliment it and what jobs you can go into after graduation. The most popular articles this year were What can you do with an economics degree?, What can you do with a philosophy degree?, What can you do with an electrical engineering degree? and What can you do with a theology degree?. However, there are many more to browse. 

    what can you do with an economics degree

    4. Best universities for graduate jobs: Global University Employability Ranking 2019

    Although only released in November, the Global Employability Rankings made their way in to the most-read list for 2019. The ranking, created in partnership with HR consultancy Emerging, highlights the universities around the world that employers believe create the most employable graduates. 

    global employability ranking

    3. The top 50 universities by reputation 2019

    It seems that the reputation of a university is still important to prospective students, as the World Reputation Rankings is the third most-read article this year. These rankings explore which universities academics believe excel at teaching and research. 

    most prestigious universities in the world

    2. Subject rankings 

    The THE subject rankings are released every year, highlighting the best universities for each subject area. There are 11 subject rankings in total and the most popular this year were the best universities for computer science, the best universities for engineering, the best universities for medicine and the best universities for psychology

    best universities in the world for computer science

    1. Best universities in....

    The “best universities in...” guides continue to be the most popular articles on the THE Student website. These articles are packed with information to help students choose where they want to study abroad by outlining the best institutions in each country, student experiences of studying there and tips on how to complete your application. There are many of these pages to browse, but the most popular were the best universities in the UKthe best universities in Canada, best universities in the worldbest universities in the United States and the best universities in Europe.

    best universities in the uk


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