Scholarships for students from Hong Kong to study abroad

A guide to the scholarships available for students from Hong Kong to study abroad 

June 25 2021
Scholarships for students from Hong Kong to study abroad


When it comes to studying abroad, there are many things to consider – and one of the biggest things to organise is how to fund it.

Scholarships are a great way to gain some extra help towards tuition fees and living costs, and there are probably more scholarships available than you might think. Scholarships are available for students for a range of reasons including academic achievement, financial status and home country.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start looking for a scholarship, so we’ve put together this list of scholarships available to students from Hong Kong. Of course, we would always recommend that you do further research because this list might not be definitive, but hopefully it can help to kick-start your search and discover the best places to look.


China Oxford Scholarship Fund – This is for students from China and Hong Kong who have been accepted for graduate study at the University of Oxford.

Chevening Scholarships – Chevening is the UK government’s international awards scheme. It offers a range of scholarships for students from Hong Kong. 

Great Britain China Center Chinese Student Awards – Awards of up to £3,000 are available for students from Hong Kong studying for a PhD in any subject at a UK university.


Destination Australia – The Destination Australia scholarships provide funding to international students to encourage them to study in regional and rural Australia.

K. C. Kuok Scholarship – Students from Hong Kong can apply for the K. C. Kuok Scholarship to receive up to A$14,000 a year to study at Monash University.


University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students – The university dedicates more than C$10 million annually towards awards, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for international undergraduate students.

University of Toronto Hong Kong Scholarships – These scholarships help families from Hong Kong with partial funding towards an education at the University of Toronto.

United States

Morning Light Foundation Scholarship – The Morning Light Foundation Scholarships are open to any students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao and other Asian countries to study in South Carolina in the US.

The GET Foundation scholarship – This scholarship provides $5,000 every year for two years to successful Hong Kong high school graduates to study at a four-year college in the US.

Hong Kong Schools Alumni Federation Scholarships – This scholarship is awarded to high school students from Hong Kong who are looking to study at a four-year college in the US.

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