Europe Teaching Rankings 2019

The Europe Teaching Rankings is part of Times Higher Education’s series of tables focusing on higher education institutions’ teaching and learning environments for students. The results are heavily drawn from the THE European Student Survey, that this year received responses from 125,000 students across 18 countries.

As well as student engagement, the ranking measures student outcomes, the diversity of institutions’ environments, and the resources that universities have in order to teach effectively.

Overall, the ranking is underpinned by 14 individual performance metrics, including two new environment indicators this year.

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The UK is the stand-out performer in the second edition of the table, claiming 17 of the top 20 places and 99 positions overall. The University of Oxford is number one.

Meanwhile, Spain has made great progress this year; it is the only country outside the UK with representatives in the top 15, led by the University of Navarra at third place. The Netherlands has also improved, boasting four universities in the top 30, up from just one last year.

Italy has substantially increased its representation, claiming 33 places, up from 25 last year.

However, France’s top two representatives in last year’s table – Sorbonne University and Paris-Sud University – have both moved down, as have Germany’s frontrunners.

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Overall, 258 universities across 18 countries feature in the ranking, up from 242 institutions across eight nations last year.

Universities in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia feature for the first time.