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Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macao, Macao

Established in 1981, Macao Polytechnic University is a public multidisciplinary university located in Macao, featuring academic excellence with an emphasis on both quality higher education and significant applied research that contributes to the sustainable development of society. The University is:

  • The first university in Asia having a successful institutional review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), UK
  • The sole university in China having won APQN Quality Awards issued by the Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) thrice
  • The first university in Macao having received the state-level award “National Teaching Achievement Award” twice
  • The first university in Hong Kong and Macao housing a Ministry of Education Engineering Research Centre in machine translation and artificial intelligence


Quality Education

Macao Polytechnic University is the pioneer in higher education quality assurance in Macao. Quality assurance is an integral part of its educational culture. Its education provision has been widely acclaimed in academic review exercises by authoritative quality assurance bodies and professional institutions from various countries and regions such as the UK, the US, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This accreditation benchmarks the education provided by the University against international standards, an example being the Bachelor of Science in Computing that is accredited by the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology meaning it is of exactly the same standard as any similar programme in the UK.


Interdisciplinary Research

The University excels in interdisciplinary research and innovation as a means to make its contributions to the sustainable development of humanities and societies. Such research studies focus on artificial intelligence, machine translation, environmental technologies, Chinese-Portuguese bilingual studies, intangible cultural heritage, gaming and leisure management, arts and creativity, which are powered through an array of research centres and laboratories. Its Chinese-Portuguese Neural Network Machine Translation Platform achieves the highest translation accuracy worldwide. The University established numerous research centres in recent years to further foster AI-driven interdisciplinary innovation, including the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery and the Engineering Research Centre of Applied Technology on Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence.


Global Networks

MPU boasts a robust network of international partnerships fostering academic exchange and collaboration. Sustainable partnerships have been established with renowned universities, organisations and corporations based in countries or regions such as the US, the UK, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan with scopes of collaborations ranging from academic exchange, research collaboration, joint laboratories to dual degree and joint programmes. The University features nine collaborative laboratories to facilitate the effective transformation of academic-research into outcome, including The Research Centre in Ubiquitous Computing (in partnership with the University of California, Los Angeles), Research Laboratory in Advanced Technologies for Smart Cities (in partnership with the University of Coimbra, Portugal), and Chinese-Portuguese-English Machine Translation Laboratory (in partnership with GuangDong University of Foreign Studies and Global Tone Communication Technology).

Setting off from Macao Polytechnic University, students, alumni and staff are realising their prowess in different walks of life, creating opportunities for the betterment of the local community and afar.

Macao Polytechnic University is committed to nurturing talented, high-calibre professionals who are globally-competitive and proficient in intercultural communication. Degree programmes from Bachelor’s to doctoral levels are offered in fields of study such as arts, information technology, business and management, public management, sports and physical education, health sciences, and languages and translation.


Student Learning Opportunities

The University takes pride in its student-centred education, offering students diverse and dynamic opportunities to enrich their academic and holistic development.

  • “3+1” degree programmes, which include one-year study abroad in selected disciplines
  • Exchange opportunities in higher education institutions worldwide
  • Placements in internship providers in Asia and Portugal
  • 70+ scholarships, grants and studentships being offered to 600+ recipients every year

The University features a vibrant and internationalised learning environment accommodating students from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, stimulating intercultural communication and exchange of ideas.


Graduate Prospects

Graduates are well-equipped at the University for pursuing further studies and professional paths of their choice. According to the latest survey report, over 90% of MPU graduates are enrolled and/or employed within 2 months after graduation. They unanimously agree that the university’s programmes are beneficial to their future studies and career development. They are now marking their steps in their professional development in different walks of life worldwide. To learn more about students’ immediate destinations after graduation, please visit



For undergraduate admissions, please access the undergraduate prospectus and find detailed information on program offerings and admission requirements.

For postgraduate studies, please explore our postgraduate prospectus for detailed information on programs at the master's and PhD levels and admission requirements.

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Macao Polytechnic University strives to contribute to the sustainable societal development of healthcare, education, cultural preservation and environment through relevant scholarship and lifelong education.


Sustainability Research

The University leverages its academic research capabilities to foster sustainability, focusing specifically on tangible historic preservation and environmental protection through inventions of green technologies. An award-winning environment monitoring system Canarin collects environmental big data for air quality assessment in real-time thus enabling timely actions to protect historic documents, installations, buildings, and sites. This system is being used in the centuries-old Joanina Library and the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, and the historic city of Bologna. Another collaborative project about optimisation of Electric Vehicles Battery benefits its performance and eco-efficiency by leveraging machine learning technologies, leading to reduction of carbon emissions more effectively.

The University prioritizes health and wellbeing to sustain cities. Its research team on AI in medical imaging collaborates with international experts to develop AI-driven solutions for global health. Their focus areas include breast cancer, brain tumor segmentation, fetal lung assessment, and clinical diagnostics. These systems augment human capabilities, improving diagnostic and treatment efficiency. In addition, the Centre for AI-Driven Drug Discovery was established to utilize cutting-edge AI and biomedicine technologies. Specializing in in-silico drug screening, de novo drug design, and compound optimization, the Centre accelerates R&D and clinical trials, advancing the development of new disease treatments.

The University works closely with various NGOs to develop and maintain an oral history collection about Macao’s preservation of its intangible cultural heritage. A wealth of historic documents, files, images and data about the Macao population has been collected, providing an informative basis for specialised research on intangible cultural heritage via oral history. A variety of books, documentaries, feature articles and multimedia materials are consequently published so that Macao as a world cultural heritage site, its history and its people be known and remembered. This collection has been considered indispensable, by multiple local entities, in their process of applications for inclusion in Macao and national intangible cultural heritage lists.

The University gives full play to its strengths in artificial intelligence, machine translation and Portuguese language education, contributing to overcoming language barriers in the era of globalisation. Its Chinese-Portuguese Neural Network Machine Translation Platform, together with its huge Chinese-Portuguese corpus, achieves the highest accuracy worldwide. The Chinese-Portuguese-English Voice Recognition Simultaneous Interpretation System is the latest product developed out of the University’s interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence and Chinese-Portuguese translation.


Fostering Life-long Learning

The University develops user-friendly learning tools to foster life-long learning. The globally-downloadable mobile app Diz lá! motivates users to learn the Portuguese language with its interactive features. The application is popular in over 40 countries and regions, especially in China and Portuguese-speaking countries. With the support of the largest-circulation local newspaper, the University launched the Chinese-Portuguese News Learning App to deliver bilingual news information, functioning as a learning source for the Chinese and Portuguese language learners. Such scientific products encourage people to learn freely and effectively around the world.

The International Portuguese Training Centre for Conference Interpreting at the University is one of the fruitful outcomes grown out of the long-term collaboration between the University and the Directorate General for Interpretation of the European Commission (DG-SCIC). This centre further strengthens Macao's role as a service platform for business cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, improving the effectiveness of training for local and overseas Portuguese-speaking talents alike; it also strengthens the cooperation between Macao and other regions in the cultivation of Portuguese-speaking talents, and raises the quality of the related human resources.

The University strives to extend the impact of quality education to the community. A number of degree programmes are offered at the University to cultivate qualified teachers capable of practising fundamental and secondary education in specialised fields of study such as computing, visual arts, music, Chinese and Portuguese languages, and physical education. The University integrates research with education, encouraging students to engage in green technology R&D and get hands-on experiences for cultivating their mindsets in tackling environmental issues. The University’s general education framework includes a 'Sustainable Development' module in all undergraduate programmes. This module introduces students to the 17 sustainable development goals, fostering awareness and understanding of sustainability issues and equipping them with skillsets for contributing to sustainable development.

The University’s community services are dedicated to helping the community grow professionally. Its outreach activities welcome over 10,000 participants every year in areas such as language training and testing services, vocational training, seminars and conferences in gaming and tourism, public policy, cultural heritage and arts.

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