University funding/finances

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Two-thirds of funding over past three years went to just 20 institutions 

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Colorado’s excise tax set to raise millions of dollars to support college access

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Latest report on sector’s financial health paints picture of growing gap between haves and have-nots

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Higher education funding from US state governments has always been volatile, but reforms to healthcare could put public universities’ income under even greater pressure, says Will Doyle

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Minister's speech disrupted at event aimed at finding solutions to sector challenges

European Union (EU) flags flying

Latest data on research grants show just how much UK institutions get from the EU

Steve Keen, Kingston University

Steve Keen laments loss of ‘time and freedom’ for universities’ ‘original thinkers’

Student loan

Current loan system in US puts high repayment burdens on low-earning graduates, says paper

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Despite uncertainty, institutions remain willing to invest to compete globally

John McDonnell

‘It's a clear commitment and we want to deliver,’ says shadow chancellor

Downing Street

Chancellor Philip Hammond allocates previously announced industrial strategy funding

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Looking at how tuition fees have swelled university coffers may tell only part of the story

Money in a jar

But new analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies pinpoints risks for the future


Labor calls for funding alternatives to fee deregulation

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Study claims California’s higher education policy environment has led to the ‘stagnation’ of the state’s universities 

crossing the channel

University of Paris Seine offers UK institutions chance to create a base in France


Universities Australia warns government against scrapping Education Investment Fund

money, cash

Adrian Furnham makes his case for a discerning approach to philanthropy

Airbus aircraft landing gear is tested at the Airbus aircraft manufacturer's Filton site

UK ‘naive’ to think that it could replace academic links with European industry with those from elsewhere

Investing in UK science may be cheaper after Brexit but the true cost to innovation system remains to be seen, says Holly Else