University funding/finances

Rama Thirunamachandran, the vice-chancellor of Canterbury Christ Church University

Backlash from v-cs prompts teaching champion to opt for 'reflection and consultation'

Money in a jar

Disadvantaged are under-represented in degree study because they are ‘simply not smart enough’, says researcher

Two people facing away from each other on a bench

Vice-chancellors call for price freeze from sector's teaching champion

Marcus Butt illustration (28 January 2016)

Institutions must resist the state’s ‘efficiency’ drive while relying less on its funding. Big business could help, argues Kevin Rafferty

View of skyscrapers from ground looking up (illustration)

How can institutions hire and hold top scholars when homes in their cities are out of reach to academics?

David Willetts

Former universities minister argues government is right to demand improvements in light of increased tuition income

Ancient city of Yazd, Iran

International cooperation could be most successful in the postgraduate sector, says Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

Woman shocked by reading utility bill

Shake-up at teaching organisation will also see academics charged a membership fee and required to complete CPD if they want to remain fellows

Exhausted marathon runner sitting by Coca-Cola branded vehicle

Warning comes after stories about Coca-Cola’s spending on science hit the headlines last year

Students navigating obstacle course

But in an increasingly competitive market, new AUDE executive officer praises ‘entrepreneurial’ estates departments

The geography of UK higher education research consortia

First analysis of its kind says modern institutions have suffered from creation of research consortia

Man crouching in box full of cash

Vice-chancellors’ pay in the Russell Group has continued to rise, but bumper salary hikes are increasingly rare, finds Jack Grove

Man walking up steps Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Average increase of 6 per cent in pay and pensions packages inflated by ‘transitional arrangements’ at Durham

Elderly man and women sitting on bench

Older white voters more hostile to state university funding if younger population is ethnically diverse, Californian study finds

New building next to old building

Narrow science base could hurt ability to meet new challenges, report says

Hand placing a tablet on a library bookshelf

Survey finds one in five heads of IT and library services facing a budget cut this year

Women celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland

New study suggests 150,000 jobs in Ireland are dependent on the sector – with each role in HE supporting another seven elsewhere

Boy sitting on armoured personnel carrier, Luhansk, Ukraine, 2014

One of Ukraine’s most highly regarded institutions has decamped to a new home 100km away to escape fighting in the war-torn region close to Russian border

Busker playing guitar upside-down

Academics are divided over whether it was right to use unusually specific criteria when seeking applicants for new post

Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa

Almost 7 billion rand (£310 million) made available to pay for fee freeze and student support

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