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London Economics shows how less well-off graduates will repay more than higher-earning peers

Anti-tuition fees demonstrators at Westminster

But polling also finds balance of public opinion is against Labour policy and tuition fees rated low among voting priorities

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Knee-jerk, uncosted and damaging calls to abolish fees must be resisted, says Bill Rammell

Focus on the sky

Flexible degrees and a clearer public contribution to their cost would command widespread support, says Iain Martin 


University leaders dismayed by factual holes in the revived debate over tuition fees should respond with some broad brush strokes of their own, says Andy Westwood

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Current fees system ‘isn’t perfect’, but it does a decent job of balancing the interests of universities, students and taxpayers, says Tim Bradshaw

Labour peer calls for funding council intervention on Glynis Breakwell’s salary

Tuition fees protesters

Half of university leaders surveyed say £9,000 system is unsustainable, showing widespread desire for major reform

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Higher education policy could easily be drawn into the deal-making and compromises that are routine in hung parliaments, says Nick Pearce 

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The $50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a huge opportunity to build academic capacity in Pakistan, say Abdur Rehman Cheema and Muhammad Haris

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University cites Brexit as factor causing financial uncertainty – but also as recruitment ‘opportunity’

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Financial uncertainty had forced institutions to cut jobs and courses

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Shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden believes that the current approach to tuition fees could end up punishing not only students, but whole communities

Jeremy Corbyn

Poorer teenagers in England will shun university because they ‘cannot access Bank of Mum and Dad’, Labour leader warns

Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s Michael Crow was the highest-earning leader in 2015-16

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Threshold freeze bites while poorest graduate ‘with largest debts’ of £57,000 on average, researchers warn

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Senior minister said that there may need to be a ‘national debate’ about student debt

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Jo Johnson takes aim at Southampton’s leader in outspoken attack on ‘sharp increase’ in salaries

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Lecturers and vice-chancellors will now be eligible for four-year visas and permanent residency

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‘Shocking’ shift away from fundamental projects harms country's scientific reputation, says author of report