University funding/finances


Downplaying the vital role that universities play in encouraging creativity could endanger the main engine of economic growth, say Luca Cacciolatti and Soo Hee Lee

Nate Kitch illustration (21 September 2017)

The attacks may be ill-informed, but universities must keep demonstrating the value that they provide for students, graduates and society, says Anton Muscatelli

Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern pledges fee-free study under NZ Labour, part of global pattern on left

Mad scientist

Chancellor appears to adopt IFS blueprint, but elements of reported plans bring ‘real concerns’ for universities

Crosshair on money

As The Sunday Times reports proposals to cut fees, Sir Keith Burnett asks how we measure ‘value for money’ in education?

Sunk jeep

Senate adjourns before voting on higher education bill, meaning students have to apply without knowing what fees will be

Adonis and Willetts debate

Chris Parr picks through some of the highlights from the tuition fees debate between David Willetts and Andrew Adonis

Homeless outside Trump campaign office

Higher education institutions are partly to blame for the hostility they now face, says US vice-provost

Adonis and Willetts depate

Lord Willetts and Lord Adonis go head to head in this video debate, tackling UK political issues from tuition fees to vice-chancellor pay levels

Holding hands in chairs

Unions should be seen as investments in teaching and research quality rather than cost-saving exercises, advises EUA governance specialist

hot air balloon

THE pay data since 2010-11 show pay of UK leaders is going up faster than that of rank-and-file academics, but the reasons are less clear


Latest Education at a Glance data show danger of governments failing to make decision on right path for policy

Scrapped bikes

Despite bachelor’s graduates rising by a third since 2009, funding has barely risen faster than inflation


Simon Birmingham defends plans for 7.5 per cent increase in fees and 2.5 per cent funding cut

Election billboard for CDU party in Germany

University leaders frustrated by lack of clarity on higher education in party manifestos

Glasgow vice-chancellor Sir Anton Muscatelli defends ‘cost-efficient’ sector driving UK growth

Falling pound

Andrew Adonis’s account of how Labour could fund universities if tuition fees were abolished lacks credibility, says David Willetts

Nicholas Dirks speaks at the World Academic Summit, hosted by King's College London

Iconic Californian institution’s viability as a state university called into question by fall in public support and growing political intrusion, says ex-chancellor

Brexit negotiations sign

Carolyn Fairbairn’s UUK speech will also criticise Labour’s plans to abolish tuition fees in England


Thousands of university staff are set to pay more towards pensions under proposals