University funding/finances

Woman watching The Open University on TV while holding child

The Open University's vice-chancellor says now is the moment to turn around decline in part-time study

Sad woman with Union flag umbrella in rain at Trafalgar Square

UUK in search for ‘politically achievable’ solution given that end to free movement is ‘likely’

People looking at cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton lying on road

Democratic nominee's policy leaves 'broken' system intact, experts fear

Man holding tiny briefcase between finger and thumb

David Teece on how universities can build ‘dynamic capabilities’ to unlock revenue – and stay true to their mission

Cannons on display on HMS Victory, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Group of Eight also warns of ‘policy drift’ and ‘risk to a major export industry’

Busker's guitar case collecting money for university fees

The University of Exeter has confirmed that fees will go up with inflation for current students, and Sorana Vieru is not impressed

Closed sign in French

Number of students placed on results day drops 8 per cent year-on-year

Sir Steve Smith portrait

Sir Steve Smith says it would be ‘odd’ to charge some Exeter cohorts less than others

British pound (GBP) symbol balloon being popped

Post-Brexit, will EU students still see English HE as value for money, and what are the pros and cons of charging them international fees?

Person holding large fan of British currency in hands

Knowledge exchange income is up to £4.2 billion, while university spin-offs and start-ups also posted strong growth

South Africa flag

As institutions battle crippling deficits, there are hard and volatile times ahead, writes Martin Hall 

Burning tyre

Institutions warn of financial peril if increase is not permitted by ministers

Black Lives Matter protestors, White House, Washington D.C.

Ana Mari Cauce, who is Cuban-American and gay, aims to improve race and identity relations on campus


Don’t follow fashion when deciding how best to raise cash – consider all the options, says Marc Finer

Professor Calie Pistorius, University of Hull

Calie Pistorius, who has led the institution for just under a decade, is looking forward to his ‘next opportunity and role’

Men helping woman to climb obstacle

Tuition rises have left middle classes ‘slammed’, and low African American enrolments can cause tensions, warns Gene Block

Student and dentist in dental surgery

Vice-chancellor predicts that sector’s ‘slightly snobbish’ attitude will be swiftly eroded

Man crosses river via rope

Benefits of proposals for reducing the tax costs of sharing university equipment outweighed by legal and financial hurdles, according to N8 research group

Gordon Marsden, MP Blackpool South, Shadow Minister Further Education Skills & Regional Growth

Fee rises confirmed today will have a negative effect on social mobility, writes Gordon Marsden

Man carrying a European Union (EU)-branded umbrella

Research league calls for funding decision makers to see UK partners as desirable

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