University funding/finances

A young couple painted as EU flags protest on outside Downing Street against the United Kingdom's decision to leave the EU following the referendum

Capital’s institutions have highest reliance on European students, THE analysis of latest Hesa data finds

Colourful world map
Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
University of Bath campus

University of Bath’s Glynis Breakwell and other vice-chancellors are facing criticism from staff and students over pay increases

Hand holding growing pile of money (economic growth)

Research shows that international student enrolment has risen as US state university funding has declined

Tuition fees piggy bank

New president boosts education budget so students do not have to pay

Tuition fee hike

NUS calls on ministers to restructure higher education funding overall rather than uncap fees for accelerated courses

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Average cost of remunerating v-cs in group rose by 6 per cent last year but salaries still lag those in top US and Australian universities

UCU dispute board

Although remuneration slipped off the top of the agenda at UK universities last year, generous salary rises for v-cs will not be overlooked, says Jack Grove

Hands full of Euros

Duisburg-Essen rector says programme funding ‘low by international standards’


Nine institutions opened by former president will be scrutinised for corrupt practices

Woman sitting at a cafe with her miniature

Russell Group also criticises prime minister’s drive to make school sponsorship condition of higher fees

Student dragging debt

Billy Bryan and Josh Berlyne are not convinced by the UK government’s doctoral loans plan

Commemorative stone marking opposition to tuition fees, Heriot-Watt University

It is written in stone that Scottish students will not pay fees, but Chris Havergal reports on worries that this stance is bad for access and sustainability

Student slips on snowy staircase, Johns Hopkins University

President of Johns Hopkins University says ‘deeply poisonous politics’ is also harming the system

Jon Krause illustration (8 December 2016)

Martha J. Kanter on making equality of opportunity a reality for ‘the top 100 per cent’ of students

Money in a jar

Cross-subsidy scheme expected to increase publications

Obituary: Aubrey Trotman-Dickenson, 1926-2016

Renowned chemist and administrator, known for his financial acumen and attention to detail, oversaw the creation of Cardiff University

Oil derricks

Momentum is building for fossil fuel divestment in UK and US universities, while American institutions are cutting ties with ‘racist’ private prisons industry

People standing among rubble of destroyed buildings, Aleppo, Syria

The Universities Superannuation Scheme’s stake in former cluster bomb manufacturer Textron is an inappropriate use of savings, campaigners say

Stained glass mural, Utah Valley University

President explains how the institution has increased enrolment and cut tuition fees as other US universities struggle with funding and recruitment