University funding/finances

University of Bath campus

Andrew Adonis says latest salary increase for institution's leader is ‘shameless and outrageous’

US Congress

Tax bills are ‘deeply worrying’ for universities, say higher education experts

Simon Birmingham

Statistics on dropouts prompt Simon Birmingham to make fresh calls on stalled package

Student loan

IFS analysis says bringing back maintenance grants would also lead to little or no change for lowest-earning graduates across their lifetime 


Budget must address ‘scandal’ of debt burden faced by poorest students by linking fees to family income, says education charity


A single, comprehensive policy and funding infrastructure for UK tertiary education would empower learners and encourage innovation, say Paul Woodgates and Mike Boxall

Balloon rising

Universities grew income from apprenticeships, traineeships and adult education budget to £32m last year

Man leaning back

Research is paid for by legerdemain, and we should be honest about it if we want to correct funding imbalances and treat students fairly

The apparent defeat of Australia’s latest attempt at higher education funding reform prolongs the agony for both universities and ministers, says Conor King

spaghetti junction

Hepi’s exposure of the degree to which teaching subsidises research should provoke a new approach to funding, says Phil Ward

Stealing a briefcase

Stark figures in new Hepi report prompt calls for chancellor to tackle research underfunding in budget

Princeton University

Proposals would cut off key source of university borrowing and impose new taxes on wealthy institutions

Australian parliament

Simon Birmingham suggests Productivity Commission report could change senators' minds

Robert Smedley, left, and Christopher Joynson were both jailed for five years

Robert Smedley sentenced for five counts of fraud alongside partner Christopher Joynson

Jacinda Ardern

Vice-chancellors say it is unclear whether the government will fully compensate universities after scrapping fees

Cake being cut equally

Data from the OECD show that some European nations and the US have a more decentralised system 

Rock climbing narrow crevice

Madeleine Atkins says institutions can cope with fees remaining at £9,250 for two years only

Alison Wolf

King’s College London professor says current loans system means most young people feel they have ‘no choice but to go to university’

New Zealand Beehive

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern says the government will ‘work quickly’ to try to implement the policy from 2018

A dollar bill being torn

Trump has little in the way of strategy on higher education, but the sector could still suffer collateral damage in the president’s desperate search for a legislative win, says John Aubrey Douglass