University funding/finances

Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur at THE Africa Universities Summit 2016

Vice-president of Ghana says institutions must develop ‘sustainable’ financing

Money collapsing

Tuition fee income increases sharply as funding council cash declines, latest sector-level data shows

Ernest Aryeetey, University of Ghana vice-chancellor

But the vice-chancellor of the University of Ghana says academics must still 'push' for recognition

Row of increasing-sized pink piggy banks

Ross-CASE report finds that four-fifths of philanthropic donors to universities are alumni

A keyboard with a 'donate' key

Richard Budd mulls the logic of giving money to your alma mater

An apprentice with a caliper

Hepi report calls for levy to extend to employer-sponsored degrees, or firms will likely pull out of funding such courses

Scientific equipment in a laboratory

Money is designed to help institutions ‘attract and retain the best and brightest researchers from around the world’

South Africa flag

Opposition calls on government to help meet funding shortfall

Male scrapyard worker carrying GBP pound sterling symbol

Sector experts variously predict benefits and damage from lifting the lid on who earns what

People on glacier walk, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

David Turpin says Canada’s provincial system makes it harder to attract international undergraduate students

Mushroom cloud

John Morgan looks at the policy implications from long-awaited research into graduate earnings

Man window shopping for Cartier watches, Córdoba, Spain

Major new research on graduate earnings by course and university shows social background is key

Surfer wiping out on wave, Mojácar, spain

Director of the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education says 'the tide is against' these specialist institutions

Thunderstorm gathering over city

New chair of AUDE, Trevor Humphreys, says increased competition within the sector could create ‘perfect storm’ for estates investment in coming years

Red velvet ropes outside VIP event venue

Tensions between ‘tribes’ of differing prestige harms sector, says Leadership Foundation report

Man grading/judging carrots, Muker Agricultural Show, England

But government project may not capture ‘value added’ by some universities and courses, critic warns

Map of Europe with people's faces

Hefce and Home Office figures show further declines in new overseas entrants and Indian student visas

A pile of coins increasing in size

Ucea says additional payroll pressures and market instability means uplift is ‘at the limit of affordability’ for many institutions

Gas burners filling hot air balloons at dawn

Study suggests saturation point of higher education expansion is some way off

Gap widening

Hefce report on sector finances also warns of fall in overseas entrants