University-business links

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US scholar argues that academics punch above their weight in key discoveries

Quality control guarantee

Brexit may threaten ability to attract future overseas funding, experts warn

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Analysis suggests v-c pay is rising twice as fast as salaries of more junior university staff

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Study claims California’s higher education policy environment has led to the ‘stagnation’ of the state’s universities 

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Does Nigel Piercy textbook case study stem from his experience at Swansea University? 


The event in South Korea will include the official launch of the THE Asia University Rankings 

Airbus aircraft landing gear is tested at the Airbus aircraft manufacturer's Filton site

UK ‘naive’ to think that it could replace academic links with European industry with those from elsewhere

Investing in UK science may be cheaper after Brexit but the true cost to innovation system remains to be seen, says Holly Else

UK government to completely overhaul technical education as part of new industrial strategy

Hong Kong

Event will explore university-industry collaboration, curiosity-led research and whether institutions can create entrepreneurs

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Data reveal institutions that have co-authored the most papers with top 25 firms in new innovation list

Brisbane, Australia

The ranking will be released during the THE Young Universities Summit in Australia

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Dame Ann Dowling’s report called public support for collaboration ‘excessively complex’

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Experts debate the UK’s internal graduate ‘brain drain’ and suggest US has more depth in regional employment

British money

Prime minister pledges “real terms increases” in investment and new fund to back emerging technology

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Selecting the right doctorate is crucial for success. Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O'Gorman share top 10 tips on how to pick a PhD

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UK delegation meets up with C9 universities to consider new funding opportunities

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Stanford and MIT might be seen as stars, but the UK has good practice too, says Trevor McMillan

Man inspecting Keystrian magnetious valves at Mullard

It is unclear what Theresa May’s policy will mean in practice, but it could draw universities into the heart of economic planning

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Knowledge exchange income is up to £4.2 billion, while university spin-offs and start-ups also posted strong growth