Quality assurance

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Provincial government has also announced funding for aboriginal institutions to expand their capacity 

Scarfed young indian woman meditating on the border of the Ganges

Focus on rankings risks neglecting the genuine quality improvements that could propel Indian institutions into the global league, says Amarnath Bose

Quality control guarantee

The TEF’s new name may be less misleading, but its incentives remain just as perverse, says Roger Brown

Big hats

Senior QAA reviewer claims it is unfair to compare alternative providers to universities when they charge different fees

Iraqi passport

Quality assurance professionals call for system to verify refugees’ education credentials before ‘next crisis’

Malawi flag

Former education minister says government will table bill for creation of new degree standardising body

The Quality Assurance Agency reviews UK higher education institutions

Martin Kurzweil and Wendell Pritchett cast their eye over the possible future direction of quality assurance under Trump

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Challenge means that institution’s entry into teaching excellence framework based on 2009 report

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Leading scholar says many countries have ‘neither the will nor the capacity’ to manage growth

UK government asks for new guidance to help universities tackle custom essay writing services

international travel

Fabrizio Trifirò explores the difficulties of quality assurance across borders


Education ministry is analysing a report into the quality of higher education and may close down substandard institutions

'Sign not in Use' sign on country road

Author of paper into the issue says international higher education is a ‘long way off’ clear principles

A green pencil beside ticked boxes

Despite having some questions about how the bill will be implemented, Douglas Blackstock believes it is a force for good

Group of people complaining at desk

Judy Clements warns English and Welsh universities may have to contribute more towards adjudicator to meet demand

Obituary: Peter Wright, 1941-2016

A sociologist who helped to forge new qualifications and quality assurance regimes has died

Paper being processed in paper mill

Banning ghostwriting services from advertising won’t stop students cheating, but four simple steps could hobble them, says Geoffrey Alderman

Elly Walton illustration (25 August 2016)

Treating students as consumers has precipitated a rush to the bottom to give them exactly what they want, says John Warren

Woman peeking through face of photo of university graduate

They can cause confusion about qualifications and embarrassment for institutions, so why are they awarded? Malcolm Gillies investigates

Child drives miniature car into people

Smaller, newer alternative providers are less likely to pass higher education review, analysis says