Quality assurance

Quality control

Agency is preferred bidder for four of six quality tenders offered by Hefce, alongside HEA and Leadership Foundation

McGuire brothers squashing smaller wrestler

Contract terms bring criticism of funding council, but it defends ‘normal commercial practice’

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Theresa May said to want UK-wide quality system retained to protect overseas recruitment licence checks

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University boards need the right skills if they are to ask the right questions, says Gill Evans

Two bananas: one yellow, one brown

A UK-wide, co-regulatory system is pitched by the QAA at its annual conference while Hefce focuses on changes needed for England's market regime

Quality under magnifying glass

Hefce's new standards regime will enable universities to focus on what matters to students, says Susan Lapworth

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Involving companies in quality assurance described as ‘logical next step’

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Breaking up the quality assurance system would ruin the global reputation of UK higher education, Aldwyn Cooper warns

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Revised proposals may not lighten the burden on institutions, warns vice-chancellor


Funding council also plans to register itself as England’s official quality body

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Countries make a commitment to deepen partnership in quality assurance for transnational education

New Zealand All Blacks and Australia Wallabies players, Rugby World Cup final 2015

The outgoing independent adjudicator talks to THE about eight years at the OIA and the future of sector regulation

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Critics warn against giving quality work to outsourcing companies

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Agencies could also be well placed to collaborate on monitoring higher education standards

Teesside University campus building

Decision has rekindled row over universities’ role in validating HE courses in FE

The Albanian flag flies above the Polytechnic University of Tirana

Third of country’s higher education institutions were closed in 2014 after criticism of standards

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The most popular higher education articles of the year, based on website traffic

This Way, That Way, Another Way road signs

Higher Education Funding Council for England says proposals will be reviewed but wins broad support for principles

Scales of justice

Durham pro vice-chancellor warns that institutions would be forced to challenge a worse-than-expected judgement

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King’s College London research finds that ability of metrics to predict problems in higher education providers is ‘extremely limited’

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