Donald Trump holding mask of his own face

The US has long been losing its popularity with overseas students, says Marguerite Dennis

Rafael Reif, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

But L. Rafael Reif admits the university may have to look for alternative funding sources and new ways to ‘stay connected’ to world 

A visitor admires shadow puppets made of leather during an exhibition. China
Lucrative offer to professor renews concerns over 'unethical' contracts
Pile of casino chips on gambling table
Are Chinese universities doing the same with affiliations as UK institutions do with REF, asks Jack Grove
Two volunteers try out the 'social sphere' for two - plastic speech bubbles that allow you to hold a private conversation in noisy pubs and clubs

Discipline needs to forge new research agendas and promote its benefits more effectively, workshop hears

Reichstag building
Some universities in Germany are using extra cash to create elite flagship courses, says study
People walking through snow

Scholars fear reputation of country’s higher education sector will be damaged as evidence of brain drain mounts 

man with frozen beard, Lake Louise, Canada

Australia also makes gains in list of most attractive English-speaking nations as US slips

Chinese police officer on rollerblades

Scholars are ‘doing as much as they can’ to promote critical thinking among students despite suppression of liberal thought, study claims

A Chinese magazine with a cover story that translates to "Why did Trump win" is seen with a front cover portrait of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s election could prompt shifts in the world’s international student flows, some believe

people queuing for currency at a bureau de change

But potential recruitment positives are reliant on Home Office policy, cautions major Hepi analysis

Vietnamese farmer

UN plan to eradicate gender inequality misses larger problem of low access rates linked to poverty, University of Cambridge experts warn

Shadows of graduates at liberal arts college US

Liberal arts colleges have lower levels of racial and socio-economic diversity among students, according to data collected by Times Higher Education

Dark clouds

Education committee hears University of Oxford’s head of Brexit strategy call for ‘openness’

Smart phone interaction battery icon with power effect

New international consortium tackles major energy challenge

Hand holding growing pile of money (economic growth)

Research shows that international student enrolment has risen as US state university funding has declined

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Medical scholar branded a ‘terrorist’ by Turkey over his alleged links to a US-based cleric is named head of an institution in Texas

Cars confront on thin Andes road

Brazilian scholar suggests the reasons why academic partnerships within the region are limited

Dutch tulip field

Report bemoans ‘ruthlessly thick’ glass ceiling on route to professorships

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Trisha Craig on the changing face of study abroad programmes