The week in higher education cartoon (20 October 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Map of Pakistan

Co-author of a major UK study of female advancement at Pakistan’s universities recounts positive experience of such institutions

Jukka Kola, University of Helsinki

In this Q&A, Jukka Kola, rector of the University of Helsinki, gives his take on the changing face of university leadership 

Man leaps from boat, China

Those who leave China to study are more likely to win jobs and promotion when they return, but local academics tend to take top administrative roles, analysis suggests

burka niqab face veil

The Nordic state, known for its liberal social policies, is the latest country to announce plans for a ban on burkas in its education system

École Polytechnique campus, France

Vice-president for academic affairs at École Polytechnique says French-taught courses are ‘hard to sell’ to international students

Pedestrian walks past 'GREAT' campaign posters

Government spends £4m advertising to overseas students at the same time as visa action pledged on ‘lower-quality’ courses

Amber Rudd as bad shepherd

Amber Rudd’s vow to restrict overseas recruitment to ‘good’ courses and universities is based on a fallacy, says Nick Hillman

Activists hold yellow umbrellas outside Hong Kong Central Government Complex

Hong Kong’s position at the intersection of the Western world with China makes it a test bed for China’s “opening up”, with the University of Hong Kong at its centre, says the institution's president, Peter Mathieson

Anti-Mafia prosecutor cantone

Former anti-Mafia prosecutor Raffaele Cantone will investigate cronyism and nepotism in Italy’s higher education system next year

Brazilians with flags looking over wall

Revamped scheme should not drain more funding from areas such as research, says São Paulo provost

Suspicious woman holding candles

‘Sinister’ internationalisation agendas still too focused on recruiting students, researcher claims

Students working on group project

Report also suggests that institutions develop 'more sophisticated' financial arrangements

Students protesting against Brexit in front of the House of Commons

David Boddy urges British universities to respond forcefully to the initiatives other countries are already taking to snap up more international students

Australian and Chinese flags

Strategy aimed at reducing reliance on China and increasing international student diversity

Statue of Queen Victoria, Port Louis, Mauritius

Matthew Reisz reports on the successes and failures of universities that have set up satellite campuses in Mauritius

Mini-Europe theme park

New course is already bringing in a strikingly diverse student cohort

Man handing microphone to audience member

Academic attainment of disadvantaged students can be improved if they can decide how they are assessed, study claims

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Chancellor Lizhong Yu tells Jack Grove about how NYU Shanghai hopes its model will turbocharge international mobility

Phil Baty, Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Phil Baty addresses the THE World Academic Summit 2016, and raises some fundamental questions about how higher education is viewed worldwide

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