African students

Fred Swaniker, founder of the African Leadership University, outlines his vision for 21st-century higher education

fans crowd surf

Ian Jacobs says visits by hundreds of thousands of international and lifelong learners on short courses will transform campus life

chairman beer tasting

Conservative peer attacks ‘brightest and best’ language used by ministers

A worker directs pedestrians on a street in the central business district of Sydney
Warnings that US and Australian policies threaten academic and student movement
Survey of would-be undergraduates finds teaching quality is the most important factor in decision-making
international students
Universities with the highest percentage of international students named

A protest campaign in support of the Hungarian university is in full swing, explains Jan Kubik

Man throwing fish back
Newman v-c suspects ‘drive to limit number of institutions that are able to recruit international students’
Releasing young turtles on beach

New target aims for 13.2 per cent of students to undertake international placements by 2020 

refugee class Jordan
Partnership hopes to play its part in ‘preventing a lost generation’ in the Middle East

Matthew Reisz reflects on what the two remaining presidential candidates might mean for higher education

South Sudan flag

Stranded abroad, South Sudan’s international students need help, writes Kuyok Abol Kuyok

European Union (EU) flags flying

European Union students enrolling next year will pay the same fees as UK students

As the country succeeds in attracting even more students from overseas, a mixture of demographics, ‘soft power’ concerns and local politics help explain its policy

A couple walking down steps with graffiti in the background

On the eve of the first round of France’s presidential elections, Matthew Reisz considers its complex higher education sector and the appetite among politicians, institutions and academics for reform

Westminster underground station

Government pressured for concessions to avert defeat on amendment to HE Bill 

Child with megaphone at Sydney Opera House

Sir Keith Burnett returns from Australia with some astute observations on two far-from-perfect higher education systems

A telescope in Africa
The benefits of a newly funded radio astronomy project transcend niche science
Group of people stranded on desert island

Study finds that employees at universities’ overseas outposts feel less supported than their home campus colleagues

stranded at airport
US academic highlights risks for internationally mobile foreign scholars looking to settle in UK