Attention ebola

University’s new MSc teaches doctors how to overcome the psychological and logistical challenges of working in remote regions

University of São Paulo Faculty of Law: Best universities in Latin America

Brazil dominates the list of Latin America’s best universities as judged by Times Higher Education’s Academic Reputation Survey

Dale Edwin Murray illustration (26 May 2016)

Energy, ingenuity and international outlook make HK a fertile territory for success, says Peter Mathieson

Swimmers in artificial wave pool, Suining, Sichuan province, China

David Matthews considers a flurry of ‘threats’ to the conveyor belt of arrivals and what Western campuses can do to shockproof their systems

Mauritius map

The sugar cane has been cleared for a new campus on the Indian Ocean island

Syrian refugees leaning out of train windows

Researchers have much to contribute to the study of law, education, engineering and healthcare, suggests new collection

A boat of Chinese students sinking

Research from the University of Warwick reveals a mismatch between the aspirations and final destinations of Chinese students at UK universities

Girls climb stairs

Loss of fee income if Britain leaves EU could be worth £700 million a year, claims new report

People sitting on the beach on giant lilos

UK parliamentary group voices concerns while international education plan launches in Australia

Eurovision block voting infographic (12 May 2016)

Data on international collaborations hint at importance of place, politics and history

South Africa flag

Universities in two countries will co-host three research chairs

Biomedical Research Building, Manel Brullet and Albert Pineda, Barceloneta beach, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s own version of the Crick Institute has helped the city’s academic ecosystem to thrive in spite of Spanish bureaucracy, reports Jack Grove from the Catalan capital

Group of men assisting teammate on obstacle course

But British Council study finds that the majority of institutions in 12-nation survey engage in such activity

Tourists pose in front of Dmitri Vrubel mural, Berlin Wall

Major British Council research judges 26 nations’ openness to international higher education

Leicester City football/soccer fans celebrating premier league victory

International visibility for Leicester as a result of club’s success has already contributed to boost in overseas applications, says one vice-chancellor

Businessman holding planet Earth in palm

Trisha Craig considers how universities can help foster in their students a lifelong commitment to community service

African musicians playing instruments

But the vice-chancellor of the University of Ghana says academics must still 'push' for recognition

South Africa v New Zealand, Rugby World Cup, Twickenham Stadium, London

Director of education and society at the British Council says Western universities must prove they do not have ‘imperialist’ designs on the continent

Young woman seated in front of laptop computer

Paper finds that UK sandwich course students ‘outshine’ their overseas counterparts in the final year of university

Ernabella Anangu School in Australia

David Lloyd finds that a journey into the Australian outback proves instructive

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