Syrian refugees crisis. Pro-refugee demonstration in Barcelona

New resource should offer a lifeline to students displaced by war

Students sitting in circle outside on lawn

Small colleges perform well in Times Higher Education US student survey, which will fuel upcoming university ranking for the country

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Anna Esaki-Smith writes on the many challenges facing her as she prepares her class for the IELTS exam

Global ball toy

Initiative singles out young scholars who have the potential to forge new techniques and ways of thinking

Ljubljana provincial mansion

Can a pan-European initiative bring in more students and help them make informed choices about universities?

Wheelchair at stairs

A lack of advice on access and support is a key reason why disabled students are less likely to leave their home country, campaigners say

Turkish protest

Post-coup crackdown has led to a huge number of requests for help, say charities for at-risk scholars

Brexit from the EU

The historic UK referendum result is a challenge to the core beliefs of those attending this year’s EAIE annual conference, says Jack Grove

People pulling rope during tug of war festival

Christopher Ziguras looks at how Australia's universities are seeking to build stronger relationships with alumni

Brazil education and school system

José Celso Freire Junior makes the case for international student exchange programmes

Smiling young woman wearing comedy sunglasses

But UK students at universities abroad will lose out from the falling pound

Lone man walking on cracked ice

The region’s reputation for excellence could be threatened by funding cuts and restructuring

Student with suitcase

Karen McBride explains why encouraging students to study abroad is of such importance to Canada’s universities

Yellow ruler with eyes looking up

Quantifying the learning outcomes of international education programmes is a challenge, writes Kevin Hovland

Train passengers identifying luggage for porter

Workshop at EAIE event in Liverpool looks at how international learners can be helped to cope with failure

Elite Paris institution says its planned meeting with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader was rendered 'pointless' by similar event

Invisible man

Government’s reliance on ‘dubious evidence’ has damaged UK’s reputation and economy, says IPPR

Taiwan and Chinese flag

Taiwanese universities are already under pressure from an ageing population

burka niqab face veil

Germany’s proposed ban follows concerns by Angela Merkel’s supporters that the niqab and burka are contrary to integration

University of Suffolk campus building

As Ipswich institution gains independence, Richard Lister says it is ‘absolutely right’ that new providers go through ‘proper level of scrutiny’

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