Donald Trump

University of Westminster music academic on fighting with punks, boosting Peter Andre’s career and pioneering ‘classical reggae’

No guns sign

In the wake of the shooting at Sutherland Springs in Texas, university staff and students have been sharing their concerns, writes Chris Parr

Nicholas Dirk

The former chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley explains how he navigated protests from both the Left and Right, and threatening tweets from President Trump

Russian dolls of different sizes

Fellow at Scottish university at centre of investigation over presidential adviser’s alleged collusion with Russian authorities

Outline map of the United States with US flag in the centre

Campus protests promoted by controversial speakers also viewed as very negative but relatively low impact, survey finds

Charlottesville protesters

Hate studies grows in importance as a discipline as more universities open research centres

A dollar bill being torn

Trump has little in the way of strategy on higher education, but the sector could still suffer collateral damage in the president’s desperate search for a legislative win, says John Aubrey Douglass


While scholars may disagree in research, they should band together in public advocacy work, says Jean Tirole 

Baseball fans

Former chief of staff at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy says academics must put aside fears of ‘partisanship’

Snow on campus

Liberal arts colleges are often perceived as being elite and irrelevant. But the best among them excel in areas such as engagement and focus on critical thinking. Ellie Bothwell explores whether liberal arts education has become redundant – or simply needs a makeover

US police

University leaders at University of Chicago discussion call for students to be better educated about First Amendment

London, Waterloo Bridge,

Peter Agre, Ed Byrne and Nicholas Dirks speak to Times Higher Education at the 2017 World Academic Summit in London

The Claw

Elite universities must expand their intake to combat rising resentment directed at higher education, says Catharine B. Hill


Downplaying the vital role that universities play in encouraging creativity could endanger the main engine of economic growth, say Luca Cacciolatti and Soo Hee Lee

Alaska glacier

Initiative urges government researchers to send findings through encrypted channels to ensure their preservation

Anti-Trump protest

Andrew Hamilton suggests lure of New York will help it to ride out political storms

Protest figures of Trump, Le Pen, Wilders and Hitler

Latest evidence overseas students are being put off US universities by political situation

Man in Trump mask

Times Higher Education poll of globe's greatest minds highlights threat of divided politics to academia and research


Universities should play a key role in teaching Canadians about their nation’s racist past and the possible ways to redress it, says Glen Jones

A man holds up a sign with the text 'Don't close CEU, Orban in to the jail" as students and teachers of the Central European University protest. Hungary

Hungary is making ‘dubious history’ by reversing the expansion of universities, writes David Matthews