Donald Trump

Alaska glacier

Initiative urges government researchers to send findings through encrypted channels to ensure their preservation

Anti-Trump protest

Andrew Hamilton suggests lure of New York will help it to ride out political storms

Protest figures of Trump, Le Pen, Wilders and Hitler

Latest evidence overseas students are being put off US universities by political situation

Man in Trump mask

Times Higher Education poll of globe's greatest minds highlights threat of divided politics to academia and research


Universities should play a key role in teaching Canadians about their nation’s racist past and the possible ways to redress it, says Glen Jones

A man holds up a sign with the text 'Don't close CEU, Orban in to the jail" as students and teachers of the Central European University protest. Hungary

Hungary is making ‘dubious history’ by reversing the expansion of universities, writes David Matthews

Trump mask factory

Academics just keep on finding new ways of exploring the phenomenon of the US president

United States of America president-elect Donald Trump speaking at podium

Threat to sue universities with policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants ‘deeply disturbing’

Michael Parkin illustration (20 July 2017)

US universities’ efforts to remain positive won’t wash. Trump is a disaster for recruitment, say Philip Altbach and Hans de Wit

Free Speech sign being upheld in Boston

Survey finds majority of Americans on political Right currently believe universities have negative effect on country

US flag, UK flag, special relationship,

The election of President Trump and Brexit have created a perception that the US and UK no longer welcome international student mobility, say Aldwyn Cooper and Marguerite Dennis

Trump supporters

Law professor says universities struggle to understand the majority of the population who do not have degrees

Statue of Liberty

Forty-eight per cent of universities report drop in overseas undergraduate ‘yield’, following election of divisive president

US Capitol

Academics standing for election aim to stand up for evidence-based policymaking

anti-trump travel ban demonstration

Foreign nationals who fear being barred from re-entering country if they go home for break are being supported with accommodation and funding

Emmanuel Macron, France, president

President offers disaffected climate scientists a ‘second homeland’ to conduct their work

Peter Salovey

The inventor of the concept of emotional intelligence explains how the idea can be built into the culture of universities

Airport security at Frankfurt airport

US proposals spark worry for researchers reading Arabic or foreign language texts, or works critical of the Trump administration

Rainbow flag at a rodeo

Texas-born scholar Angelia Wilson talks to Matthew Reisz about the changing face of political studies, Trump and the Christian Right, and a Bible Belt road trip

Phil Baty reflects on the Times Higher Education World Reputation Forum, which took place in Harvard Square this month