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Initiated by Times Higher Education, the campaign is an all-embracing and unashamed way to champion higher education in all its multifaceted glory, from inside and outside the sector.

March 5, 2010

We believe we should all celebrate the sector at a time when it may not be as high on the list of public priorities as it should be. Launched in March 2010, we hope the campaign will eventually cover everything – from life-changing teaching to the joys of free enquiry and testing received wisdom, to the contribution universities make to economic growth, to cutting-edge, paradigm-shifting research discoveries. For an introduction to the campaign, see Ann Mroz’s leader from 11 March: Love HE? Let’s count the ways

Find out what’s happening in the #loveHE community by searching for the hashtag on Twitter. If you want to connect to other people who are passionate about HE, join our Facebook site. See how other people have been expressing the reason they love HE by subscribing to our YouTube channel. And check back here regularly for new content from THE.

Supporting the campaign:

#loveHE opinion: Ernie Sharp

#loveHE opinion: Anshul Tomer

#loveHE opinion: Cheryl Frances-Hoad

#loveHE opinion: Nemone

#loveHE opinion: Menzies Campbell

#loveHE opinion: Antonio Horta-Osorio

#loveHE opinion: Joe Goddard

#loveHE opinion: Paul Rodgers

#loveHE opinion: Rachel Riley

#loveHE opinion: Loyd Grossman

#loveHE opinion: James Nesbitt

#loveHE opinion: Arthur Louis

#loveHE opinion: Beth Tweddle

#loveHE opinion: Liam Fray

#loveHE opinion: Stuart Maconie

#loveHE opinion: Konnie Huq

#loveHE opinion: Zandra Rhodes

#loveHE opinion: Lawrence McGinty

#loveHE opinion: Heather Fell

#loveHE opinion: James Dyson

#loveHE opinion: Christian Lander

#loveHE opinion: Rebecca Connell

#loveHE opinion: Tinchy Stryder

#loveHE opinion: Sir Patrick Stewart


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