University of Montreal seeks French students rejected at home

Canadian institution targeting thousands of French applicants who fail to gain place at home

October 11, 2017
University of Montreal
Source: iStock

The University of Montreal has set up a campaign to actively target students from France who missed out on a university place at home.

According to La Presse, 3,700 prospective students in France did not receive a university place this year in the wake of higher education funding cuts and a large increase in applicants.

But the University of Montreal, which is in heavy competition with other Quebec universities for candidates, has launched an initiative to persuade the French students who were not admitted to enrol at the Canadian institution instead. It is currently seeking applicants to begin in January 2018 as part of its winter admissions process.

The university wrote on its website: “High school students, French students, it is time to discover the possibilities offered by a different university system, which adapts to the situation of each student!”

The call to action comes under the headline “APB 2017: What if you come to Montreal this winter?”, with APB referring to France’s online admissions portal.

Meanwhile, in a video, a French student at the university boasts of the institution’s “very flexible school system”.

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