Research Opportunities - Clinical Laboratory Sciences

March 31, 2000

The following listing is for research degrees and jobs in Clinical Laboratory Sciences #221> . Where possible a central contact person or office contact point has been given. Where there are several contact people they have been listed with the courses for which they have responsibility. If an institution does not appear in this list you should not assume that they do not offer post-graduate research degrees.

Key #221> Name of institution #221> For the sake of brevity the short version of an institution's name has been used. Validation #221> If an institution's courses are validated by another college its name is given in brackets. Contact names #221> A contact is given for each opportunity listed. Where there is a central contact for all an institution's opportunities in a particular area, the contact will be given once only. Qualification level #221> MSc, PhD etc. The figure in brackets indicates the number of places available where known. Mode of study #221> FT = Full Time PT = Part Time Funding #221> A = Assistantships available to students to undertake paid work while studying for a higher degree £ = Scholarship/ studentships available ? = Funding is a possibility.

Students should contact the department listed. Do not address enquiries to The THES. We are unable to help

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Aberdeen U. Biomedical Physics and Bioengineering Prof P F Sharp Tel: 01224840733; URL: £? A? Biomedical Physics andBioengineering Prof D Hukins Tel: 01224 681818 ext 53495/53808; URL:http://www. £? A? Medical Microbiology Prof T HughPennington Tel: 01224 681818 ext 53786; URL: £? A?Pathology Prof Frederick Walker Tel: 01224 681818 ext 52411; URL: £? A?

Queen's U. of Belfast Clinical Laboratory Sciences Dr A Hughes Tel: 01232262133; URL: Clinical Medicine Prof Elisabeth R TrimbleTel: 01232 263108; URL:

Birmingham U. CRC Institute for Cancer Studies Prof A M R Taylor Tel: 0121414 4488 Email: Immunology Prof J Gordon Tel: 0121 4144034 Email: £? A? Immunology Dr G Brown Tel: 0121 4144082 Email: Infection Dr D Catty Tel: 0121 414 4077 Pathology Dr P C Barber Tel: 0121 414 4028 Rheumatology Dr S P Young Tel: 0121 414 6480

Bristol U. Pathology and Microbiology Miss M Davies Tel: 0117 928 8694; URL:

Cambridge U. Clinical Biochemistry Dr J P Luzio Tel: 01223 336780; URL: £ A?

Dundee U. Biomedical Research Centre Dr David Meek Tel: 01382 660111 ext3517; URL: Molecular and Cellular PathologyProf Martin J Pippard Tel: 01382 660111 ext 2425/3113; URL: uk/pathology £ A?

Edinburgh U. Clinical Biochemistry Dr A F Smith/Prof J I Mason Tel: 0131 5362697/34; URL: http://www/ £? A? Pathology Dr S EM Howie Tel: 0131 650 2959 Email: £? A? MedicalMicrobiology Prof S G B Amyes Tel: 0131 650 3163 Email: £?A?

Glasgow U. Immunological Sciences Theme Prof F Y Liew Tel: 0141 211 2695;URL: £? A?

Leeds U. Research School of Medicine Dr P N McWilliam Tel: 0113 233 6876;URL: uk/students/pgprospectus/resmed.htm £

Liverpool U. Clinical Chemistry Prof A Shenkin Tel: 0151 706 4232 Fax: 0151706 5813 £? A? Clinical Engineering Prof D Williams Tel: 0151 706 4200;URL: http://www/ Immunology Dr B Flanagan Tel:0151 706 4356 Email: Pathology Dr Paul H Smith Tel: 0151 7064494; URL: Radio Diagnosis Prof G Whitehouse Tel:0151 794 5775 Fax: 0151 794 5766 Pathology Dr Paul H Smith Tel: 0151 706 4494Email:

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Molecular Biology and Immunology ProfTed Bianco Tel: 0151 708 9393; URL: £

London: Imperial College Haematology Prof J Goldman Tel: 0181 383 3234; URL:http://www.ic. £? A? Histochemistry Prof J Polak Tel: 0181 383 3231;URL: £? A? Histopathology Prof G Stamp Tel: 0181 3833229; URL: £? A? Immunology Prof Lechler Tel: 0181 3833225; URL: £? A? Infectious Diseases Prof Cohen Tel:0181 383 3243; URL: £? A? Investigative Science Ms SBaker Tel: 0181 383 1916; URL: £? A? MRC ClinicalSciences Centre Dr J Cope Tel: 0181 383 8251; URL: £?A?

London: King's College Clinical Biochemistry Prof T J Peters Tel: 0171 3463008 Email: Haematological Medicine Prof A J Bellingham Tel:0171 346 3080 Email: Histopathology Dr J R Salisbury Tel:0171 346 3093 Email: j. Immunology Prof D M Kemeny Tel: 0171346 3012 Email: Medical Engineering and Physics Prof CRoberts Tel: 0171 346 3491 Email: Medical Microbiology ProfM W Casewell Tel: 0171 346 3213 Fax: 0171 346 3404 Molecular Medicine Prof FFarzaneh Tel: 0171 346 3112 Email: NeuropathologyIrene Hart Tel: 0171 703 5411 ext 32 Nuclear Medicine Dr Muriel Buxton-ThomasTel: 0171 346 3440 Email:

London: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Infectious andTropical Diseases J A Targett Tel: 0171 9 2239 Email: £?

London: Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine Chemical Pathology and HumanMetabolism Prof A F Winder Tel: 0171 830 2258 Email: Prof H G Prentice Tel: 0171 830 2300 Email: £?A? Histopathology Prof P Revell Tel: 0171 794 0500 ext 3844 £ Surgery Prof M C Winslet Tel: 0171 794 0500 ext 4439Fax: 0171 431 4528 Surgery Prof M C Winslet Tel: 0171 794 0500 ext 4439 Fax:0171 431 4528 Histopathology A P Dhillon Tel: 0171 794 0500 Retrovirology Prof C Loveday Tel: 0171 830 Fax: 0171 83028

London: St Bart's & Royal London School of Medicine & Dentistry(QMW) Clinical Biochemistry Prof C P Price Tel: 0171 377 7241 Haematology Prof A C Newland Tel: 0171 377 7180 Immunology Prof G F Bottazzo Tel: 0171 377 7748 Fax:0171 790 3033 Medical Microbiology and Virology Prof S Tabaqchali Tel: 0171 6018401; URL: Morbid Anatomy ProfSir Colin Berry Tel: 0171 377 7349; URL: http://www.£? A? Immunology - Smithfield Prof Anthony J Pinching/Dr W J W Morrow Tel:0171 601 8428; URL: http://www. £? A?Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology Prof Sir Colin Berry Tel: 0171 377 7349; URL: £? A? Nephrology Dr M M Yagoob Tel:0171 377 7000 ext 2869 Email: F.P.Marsh@mds.qmw. Paediatric Oncology VaskarSaha Tel: 0171 601 8952 Email: Virology Prof D J JeffriesTel: 0171 601 7350 Email:

London: St George's Hospital Medical School Analytical Unit Dr J C BoothTel: 0181 725 5734 Email: Analytical Unit Dr D K BanerjeeTel: 0181 725 5726 Email: Analytical Unit Dr D W Holt Tel:0181 767 9686 Email: Clinical Biochemistry Prof C A SeymourTel: 0181 725 5918 Fax: 0181 767 6099 Medical Genetics Dr Michael A Patton Tel:0181 725 5335 Email: uk Oncology Prof A Dalgleish Tel: 0181 7255815/6 Email:

London: United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St. Thomas'sHospitals Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine Prof P H SönksenTel: 0171 928 9292 ext 2265; Prof G C Viberti Tel: 0171 955 4826; URL: Microbiology Prof G L French Tel: 0171 928 9292ext 3244 Email: g. Rheumatology Unit Ernest Choy Tel: 0171 9554887 Email: Rheumatology Unit Gabrielle Kingsley Tel: 0171 9554887 Email:

London: University College Bacteriology Dr Helen D Donoghue Tel: 0171 3809153; URL: http://www. £ Cruciform Project (Biomedical Research)Dr M Lockyer Tel: 0171 837 3611 ext 4958; URL: http://www. uk/~rmgzrag £Histopathology Dr Langxing Pan Tel: 0171 209 6021; URL: http://www. £Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prof Ian V D Weller Tel: 0171 380 9660 ext 8132;URL: http://www. ucl. £ Pathology and Infectious Diseases Dr Jane EversTel: 0171 636 8333 ext 3528; URL: http://www. £ Immunology Dr PDelves Tel: 0171 380 9349; URL: uk/UCL-info/Faculties/ClinSci/Departments/ £ Institute ofNeurology Mrs Janet Townsend Tel: 0171 829 8740; URL: http://www. of Ophthalmology Ms Karen Bonstein Tel: 0171 608 6935; URL: £ Institute of Urology and Nephrology Prof C H FryTel: 0171 380 9376; URL: http://www. £ Medical School Mrs JWolfinden Tel: 0171 209 6305; URL: http://www. £ Medical SchoolMrs J Wolfinden Tel: 0171 209 6305; URL: http://www. £ Medicine DrI Rabinowitz Tel: 0171 209 6189; URL: http://www. MolecularEndocrinology Prof R P Ekins Tel: 0171 380 9410; URL: http://www. Pathology Ms J Wenley Tel: 0171 380 9343; URL: http://www. £Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Ray Noble Tel: 0171 209 6057; URL: £ Rota Lik Western Institute of Neurological StudiesProf M G Harrison Tel: 0171 380 9431; URL: http://www. Virology Dr PBalfe Tel: 0171 380 9490; URL: http://www. £

Manchester U. Computer Vision Shelagh Stedman/ Jim Graham Tel: 0161 55131/5150; URL: http://www. £? A? Diagnostic Radiology Prof JudithAdams Tel: 0161 5 5114; Prof Alan Jackson Tel: 0161 5 5056; URL: £? A? Medical Biophysics Dr H L Sharma Tel: 0161 55152; URL: http://www. £? A? Medicine: Clinical Biochemistry ProfP Vadgana Tel: 0161 787 4428; URL: http://www. £? A? PathologicalSciences Dr D M A Mann Tel: 0161 5 5296; URL: http://www. £? A?

Newcastle U. Clinical Biochemistry Dr A W Skillen Tel: 0191 222 8254; URL: Oncology Prof A H Calvert Tel: 0191 222 8057;URL: http://www. Pathology Prof A D Burt Tel: 0191 222 8598;URL: http://www. Human Genetics Prof Tom Strachan Tel: 0191222 8855; URL: http://www. Clinical Medical SciencesPostgraduate Admissions Tel: 0191 222 7002; URL: Microbiological, Virological andImmunological Sciences Dr A G Diamond Tel: 0191 222 8129; URL: £? A? Surgical Sciences Dr John A Kirby Tel: 0191 22158; URL: http://www. £? A?

Nottingham U. Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Dr J K Ball Tel: 0115 9249924 ext 42332 Email:

Sheffield U. Forensic Pathology Prof M A Green Tel: 0114 3 8721 ext 242Email: Medicine: Haematology Dr M Makris Tel: 0114 160 Email: Paediatrics Dr Hilary J Powers Tel: 01141 7562/ 7303 Email: Medicine and Pharmacology Dr MMakris Tel: 0114 1 60 Email: m.

Southampton U. Medicine Dr Patrick J Gallagher Tel: 01703 796664

Wales: College of Medicine Institute of Nephrology Prof J D Williams Tel:01222 495213 Fax: 01222 453643 £? A? Medical Biochemistry Prof G Elder Tel:01222 7499 Fax: 01222 7666 £? A? Medical Genetics Prof P S Harper Tel:01222 744058 Fax: 01222 747603 £? A? Pathology Prof D Wynford-Thomas Tel:01222 7400 Fax: 01222 7446 £? A? Tenovus Cancer Research Centre Prof KGriffiths Tel: 01222 742579 Fax: 01222 747618 £? A?

About this service #221>

The THES Research Opportunities Service aims to list the current availability of opportunities for postgraduate research training.

The listings include details of new research posts. Although courses from more than 140 institutions are represented here it is not an exhaustive listing.

Some institutions have not wished to list their courses in this way; so you should not assume that institutions not featuring in these lists have no courses to offer. This listing should give a good flavour of the wide variety of research training on offer at higher education institutions in the United kingdom.

Potential students should not make decisions on the basis of this listing alone. Potential candidates should contact the institutions of their choice directly if they wish to discuss their future plans. They should not contact The THES or the compilers of this listing.

Quality of degrees #221>

All UK universities in membership of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals have power to award British degrees after either courses of study or programmes of research, and some colleges of higher education have one or both of these powers.

Other colleges provide courses or programmes which are validated by an institution which has those powers. Courses of this kind are listed under the name of the college which runs them; the name of the validating institution, which finally awards the degree, is in brackets.

The compilers #221>

This list has been compiled by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (CSU) on the basis of returns from institutions. CSU is an agency of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals, the Standing Conference of Principals of Colleges and Institutes of higher education and the Committee of Scottish Centrally Funded Colleges.

This information has been provided for information purposes only. It is not definitive and does not take precedence over the official publications of universities and colleges.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and that those institutions which wanted to take part have been included, CSU an accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Any queries about this list should be addressed to the data collectors, Mayflower Directories Production, Ro Dew, West Looe Hill, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2HH. Tel: 01503 264454. Fax: 01503 264821. Email: All rights reserved. No part of this listing may be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of the publishers.

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