June 5, 1998

University of Birmingham

European funds

Dr G. Boons, Pounds 71,269 from the Commission (synthetic saccharides to study the immunological properties of type III group B streptoccus oligosaccharides); Dr M. Al-Rubeai, Pounds 183,599 from the Commission (new strategies for an efficient production of glycosilated proteins of pharmaceutical interest); Drs P. Hartley and I. Pillinger, Pounds 93,184 from the Commission (special 3D simulation system for fasteners industries); Dr I. Sims, Pounds 57,026 from the Commission (reactive and inelastic process in the gas-phase at ultra-low temperatures); Professor C. Thomas, Pounds 51,923 from the Commission (morphology and differentiation of fungi);

Professor T. Bell, Pounds 54,483 from the Commission (ion beam surface modification of polymers for improved friction and wear properties); Dr J. Shippen, Pounds 204,460 from the Commission (development of an intelligent learning padprinting system); Professor D. Booth, Pounds 47,886 from the Commission (investigation and quantification of the stress associated with the accumulation of carbon dioxide in eel farms); Dr M. Lancaster, Pounds 69,998 from the Commission (superconducting systems for communications); Dr M. Ryan, Pounds 46,660 from the Commission (ESPRIT-FIREworks project); Professor G. Humphreys, Pounds 62,913 from the Commission (towards a model of human object recognition and attention); Professor N. Bowery, Pounds 124,243 from the Commission (GABAb receptors in health and disease).

University of Wales College of Medicine


Professor M. Rowe, Pounds 54,600 from the Leukaemia Research Fund (immunological and proliferative functions of naturally occurring variants of the ebv encoded oncogene, Imp 1); Dr J. Fox, Pounds 98,405 from the Linbury Trust (viral infection and CFS); Professor M. Frenneaux, Pounds 1,762 from the British Heart Foundation (oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction leading to cardiovascular disease); Professor D. Wynford-Thomas, Pounds 169,203 from the Cancer Research Campaign (molecular mechanisms of epithelial tumour initiation and progression).

Research contracts

Professor P. Lyne, Pounds 72,310 from the NHS Research & Development Wales (delivering health and social care: changing roles, relationships and working practices); Professor M. MaCulloch, Pounds 75,000 from the NHS Executive (severe personality disorder research and development); Dr P. Myers, Pounds 103,226 from NHS R&D Wales (open access endoscopy for H.pylori positive patients with dyspepsia in general practice - is it necessary?).

Research grants

Dr D. Kipling, Pounds 52,600 from the Medical Research Council (telomeres and telomerase in tumourigenesis and cellular senescence); Professors A. Campbell and P. Smith, Pounds 267,714 from MRC (photon confocal imaging).

European funds

Professor M. Rowe, Pounds 80,667 from the EC (molecular pathogenesis of infection with human tumour viruses: interaction of viral genes with cellular targets).

The British Library

John Ritblat, chairman and chief executive of the British Land Company plc, has given Pounds 1m as a personal gift to endow the British Library's new exhibition galleries at St Pancras. The John Ritblat Gallery: Treasures of the British Library houses the Magna Carta, the Lindisfarne Gospels, Shakespeare's First Folio, Handel's Messiah, the Gutenberg Bible and manuscripts of the Beatles.

University of Reading


Dr P. Weinberg, Pounds 53,188 from the British Heart Foundation (studentship); Professor P. Mosley, Pounds 76,968 from Gatsby Charitable Foundation (spread of the green revolution in sub-Saharan Africa); Dr M. Virji, Pounds 228,886 from the National Meningitis Trust (investigations on the mechanisms of meningococcal pathogenesis to identify potential candidate antigens for vaccination against meningococcal disease); Professor K. Pye, Pounds 23,000 from the Royal Society (fellowship); Dr H. Harke, Pounds 20,193 from the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust (senior research fellowship); Professor J. Almond and Dr J. McKeating, Pounds 166,728 from the Wellcome Trust (expression and characterisation of hepatitis C virus envelope glycoproteins: tools for cloning the cell surface receptor).

Research contracts

Professor D. Beever, Pounds 24,000 from Ajinomoto Co.Inc. (overall nutrient utilisation for milk production) and, with Mr R. Phipps, Pounds 21,000 from Biotal Ltd. (effect of silage additive on diet digestibility and milk production of cows receiving whole crop wheat silage); Dr P. Hadley, Pounds 100,351 from the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate & Confectionary Alliance (cocoa quarantine project); Dr P. Weinberg, Pounds 74,554 from the British Council (test of a novel version of the insudation theory by mapping changes in lesion location caused by ageing).

to be continued

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