Future and emerging technologies - continuous submission call

December 2, 2004

Brussels, 01 Dec 2004

The European Commission has published a continuous submission call in the area of 'future and emerging technologies' under the Sixth Framework Programme's 'information society technologies' (IST) activity. This is one of the areas covered by the 'Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area' specific programme.

The funding instruments used for future and emerging technologies will be specific targeted research projects, coordination actions, and specific support actions.

The objectives of IST in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) are to ensure European leadership in the generic and applied technologies at the heart of the knowledge economy. The action aims to increase innovation and competitiveness in European businesses and industry, and to contribute to greater benefits for all European citizens.

The focus of IST in FP6 is on the future generation of technologies in which computers and networks will be integrated into the everyday environment, rendering accessible a multitude of services and applications through easy-to-use human interfaces. This vision of 'ambient intelligence' places the user, the individual, at the centre of future developments for an inclusive knowledge-based society for all.

Proposers are advised to consult the full call text at the address below in order to find out the particular instruments requested for each area. To see the call text, please visit: http:///fp6.cordis.lu/fp6/call_details.cf m?CALL_ID=55 Remarks: The deadlines for submitting proposal documents are 05.01.2005 and 10.05.2005.

Before contacting the Commission, proposers are strongly advised to consult the original call text in the Official Journal of the European Union at the reference below.

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