Disciplinary proceedings halted in ‘fruitbatgate’ case

July 5, 2010

University College Cork has been forced to halt disciplinary proceedings against the academic at the centre of the so-called “fruitbatgate” row after the Irish High Court agreed to consider the case.

UCC launched disciplinary action against Dylan Evans, lecturer in behavioural science, for allegedly leaking to the media confidential college material related to a sexual harassment case. Dr Evans applied for a judicial review into his treatment by his employer, which had already begun proceedings for alleged sexual harassment after Dr Evans showed a female colleague a scientific paper concerning oral sex among fruit bats.

The Irish High Court considered the application on 30 June, and it has now adjourned. The university cannot continue with its internal disciplinary procedure until the court reaches a decision.

A spokesman for UCC confirmed that the university had presented its case to the Irish High Court. “In the meantime, the disciplinary matter concerning Dr Evans is on hold,” he added. The date of the next hearing is yet to be announced.


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