University of Warwick

Research with impact and innovation

 At the heart of the University of Warwick lies the search for answers to the world’s most challenging questions. We point the way ahead to a better future by being bold and ambitious in exploring, creating and sharing new knowledge in the world.

In the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, our departments of Maths, Computer Science, Law, Politics and International Studies, Sociology, Classics, Philosophy, Economics and Warwick Business School (WBS) all ranked in the top ten nationally.

In terms of impact, Economics, Classics and PAIS were in the top 10 in their Units of Assessment in REF2021, and 92% of all our research was assessed to be ‘world leading or internationally excellent’ by a panel of global experts in REF2021.

Warwick is also home to the pioneering Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD) – a cross-disciplinary research institute which works to help create a more sustainable, prosperous, healthier and just world for all. The IGSD structures its research and impact activities along the core themes of Environmental Policy and Governance, Complex Eco-Systems and Climate Change (with a focus on Water Security) and Community and Inter-Species Resilience.

At Warwick, our positive research culture supports all academics to thrive to deliver the best research. All members of our research community play a role in developing and promoting a successful research environment.

 Our funders, partners and the communities we work with help us to create lasting value in society and the economy by collaborating with us. These regional, national and international research collaborations are crucial in helping to advance knowledge and address pressing challenges.

 So, whilst the future can feel uncertain, the excellent research undertaken at Warwick enables us to see over the horizon.