About HRS

The Human Resource Section is committed to providing the University with a high quality, efficient human resource service that supports the University in attracting, retaining and nurturing staff of highest calibre. The Section focuses on appointments, promotions, administration of personnel matters and staff training and development. It is divided into three units: the Appointments Unit, Personnel Unit, and the Staff Development Unit. With the University's Vision and Mission Statement as a backdrop, our human resource policies are in essence:

  • the attraction and retention of talent so as to enhance the University's excellence as a leading international university;
  • the safeguard of staff benefit packages;
  • the management of an effective performance review system to ensure that
  • achievement is duly recognized and rewarded;
  • the provision of staff training and development; and
  • the application of equal opportunities principles in all human resource policies and procedures.

This website serves to promulgate the latest information on current job vacancies, staff training and development opportunities, and changes in human resource policies and procedures. Your comments on the contents of this website would be most welcome. Please write to hrshku@hku.hk.

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