Samara State Technical University

For more than 100 years, each faculty department at Samara Polytech has left its footprint in the history of Russian higher education.

The University contributed greatly its innovative and ideas to various fields: Oil Production, Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Architecture and Design, Intercultural Communication and Humanitarian Technologies, and Ecology.

Our scientists carry out fundamental and applied researches, design and experimental works. Various engineering and expert centers, experimental sites are available.

One of the University's top priorities is to encourage its students conduct their own projects and researches. Every year, Samara Polytech students publish from 300 to 400 articles in various Russian and international issues. At annual "Days of Science" students show their works and participate in conferences.

In November 2020, Samara Polytech became a part of "Technological Hydrogen Valley" Consortium. Six Russian leading educational and scientific organizations are to conduct joint research and develop technologies for hydrogen production, transportation, safe storage and use in energy sector. Currently, the University implements a number of technologies that our scientists have been working on for several years. Among these inventions, for example, the generation of hydrogen based on the pyrolysis of natural gas in metal melts and the technology for storing hydrogen in liquid organic carriers, developed jointly with the University of Rostock in Germany.

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