About Samara State Technical University

Samara State Technical University is one of the main universities in Russia. It offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes to choose from its 12 faculties. At the moment we prepare specialists in the following fields: energy, oil and gas, chemistry and petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, transportation, food production, defense industry, information technology, mechanical and automotive engineering, engineering systems administration and automation, material science and metallurgy, biotechnology, industrial ecology, architecture, civil engineering and design.

Its history dates back to 1910, when the regional government decided to build a high educational institution in Samara, which was the leading industrial center throughout Volga Region. And so in 1914 Samara Polytechnic Institute was established. Since it was established more and more faculties appeared on its basis. Moreover, during its existence the institute changed its names several times. Until 1992 when Samara Polytechnic Institute gets university status to be called Samara State Technical University.

Besides that, during its existence several high educational institutions integrated with Samara Polytech, and in 2016 it became a Flagship University in Samara Region among other 11 regional universities of Russia.

More than 100 years of its existence are closely connected with the times of the formation and development of engineering education and science not only in Samara region, but also in neighboring regions.

Nowadays Samara State Technical University has three branches in other Russian cities: Syzran, Novokuybyshevsk and Belebey.

Our aim is to facilitate market needs in the areas which we specialize with students, who will work to become well-known scientists and academics for the country’s well-being.

Facts about Samara Polytech:

  • Ranked #146 among 1172 Russian universities*
  • Ranked #43 among 188 Russian universities**
  • Ranked #23 in Russia for employability among 128 Russian universities***
  • Ranked #71 among 288 Russian universities****
  • Ranked #52 among 100 Russian universities*****
  • 3,608 staff (1,394 academic staff, 181 Doctor of Sciences, 744 Candidate of Sciences)
  • Web of Science: 1583 articles, 5006 citation index, 29 h-index
  • Scopus: 2425 articles, 7772 citation index, 35 h-index
  • 8 small innovative enterprises, 90 licenses, 7 Doctoral Committees
  • More than 200,000 students graduated since its foundation
  • 18,396 students from various countries (562 are international)
  • 12 faculties, 80 departments and 81 professions

*Webometrics Ranking of World Universities
**ARES Academic Ranking of World Universities-European Standard
***Rating of Demand for University Graduates
****Interfax Ltd. national university ranking
***** Expert Rating Agency RAEX

Student Life

Samara Polytech has 26 academic buildings, 36 scientific laboratories and 4 well-equipped dormitories with medical center. You can find friends anywhere you want to make the student life one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Getting to know with Samara Polytech 


Today Samara State Technical University is a basic platform for constructive interaction between a scientific school and industry. The close connection of the academic community with production, the solution of specific practical tasks that practitioners put before scientists and teachers of the university, allowed to create a special environment. It is the integration of science, technology and engineering education. This makes it possible for a university to receive from employers a clear understanding of the requirements for key competencies of a graduate and quickly adjust educational programs. And the synthesis of technical, humanitarian and economic fields of knowledge in one university allows scientists to successfully apply fundamental knowledge to solve practical applied problems not only in industrial enterprises of the region. 

Notable Alumni

  • Viktor Chernomyrdin, Soviet and Russian politician. Till his death in 2010 he was Presidential Adviser and Special Presidential Representative on Economic Cooperation with CIS Member Countries.
  • Dmitriy Azarov, Samara and Russian political leader. Now Governor of Samara Region.
  • Dmitriy Bykov, Russian engineer and academic. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Now Rector of Samara State Technical University.
  • Alexander Lifanov, International Master of Sport in modern pentathlon.
  • Alexander Kudashev, International Master of Sport in swimming.