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Research powerhouse


International. Excellent. Enterprising. Inclusive. At Monash these aren’t just words, they’re actions – and they’re why Australia’s biggest university is a world leader in life-changing research.

With 60,000 students and a global network of campuses, education centres and partnerships, from Melbourne to Malaysia, Italy to India, Monash attracts scholars who are highly motivated and determined to make a difference both locally and internationally.

Theirs is “real-world” research that matters, led by some of the finest minds in academia. Through lasting partnerships with industry and government, the university’s focus is on empowerment, providing the tools and skills to improve communities. These shared ambitions are moving Monash forward, faster.

Despite its relative “youthfulness” (Monash is the youngest member of the prestigious Group of Eight), it has a longstanding reputation for innovative research. Influenza drugs and IVF treatment, for example, would today not exist without the initial work carried out by Monash researchers. Its overarching ambition to make the planet a better place is reflected in the ongoing effort to eliminate dengue fever, and the developments of the bionic eye and a life-saving, inhalable form of oxytocin.  

Although Monash conducts research across numerous fields of study – more than 150 in all – the focus is on four in particular: health and wellbeing; new industries and productivity; sustainable environments; and resilient cultures and communities.

Its broad range of research achievements in recent times has seen it recognised as the leading institution in some of the country’s most prestigious major grant schemes:

  • Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence (in Bio-Nano Science and Technology, Advanced Molecular Imaging and Technology, and Integrative Brain Function)
  • Co-operative Research Centres (in Urban Water Management, and Alertness, Safety and Productivity)
  • Industrial Transformation Research Hubs (in High-value Additive Manufacturing, and Bioprocessing Advanced Manufacturing).

The university’s research excellence is underpinned by cutting-edge infrastructure. Over the past decade, more than $500 million has been invested in facilities focusing on regenerative medicine, electron microscopy, biomedical imaging, nanofabrication, eResearch, visualisation, advanced manufacturing and green chemistry.

These initiatives, and the commitment to fostering an aspirational culture where ideas are shared by those prepared to take on the challenges of a rapidly-changing world, ensure Monash will continue to lead and inspire through its ground-breaking, world-leading research.

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