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Sphere of Innovation

Spheres of Innovation

Manipal University Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI) is an initiative of Manipal University, to provide services to its students, faculty, alumni and people of the region to start their own venture, nurture entrepreneurship skills, create self employment, product development and manufacturing in line with the social objectives of Government of India. MUTBI is operational from 1st March 2010.

Objectives of MUTBI

  • Nurture entrepreneurship skills of students ,faculty and people of the region
  • Provide seed funding for feasible ideas
  • Provide resources to incubatee startups
  • Facilitate market survey , product marketing , financial and legal services
  • Facilitate patenting services 
  • Arrange funding from external agencies and venture capitalists.

Details of the companies incubated:

  • Total number of companies incubated over 6 years: 22
  • Number of companies graduated till now: 13
  • Number of companies presently in MU-TBI: 9

Products Developed

  • Paper Pens and Pencils 
  • Bunk Wisely : Mobile App
  • Ishmile: Mobile App
  • Desktop 3D Printers
  • Manipal Wiki: Cross platform wiki application
  • Practice based learning model for secondary schools
  • Cost effective apparatus for curing light activated resin based material 
  • Cost effective portable dental chair
  • Low cost telescope
  • Dietician software
  • Cost effective Dental implants 
  • Cloud enabled environment monitoring system for health system 
  • Portable Dental Compressor

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