Macau University of Science and Technology

Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) is the largest-scale comprehensive university in Macao and is considered among the top 30 universities within the Greater China. The University is committed to cultivating high-quality talents equipped with a solid foundation in theory as well as competence in practice and technique. The University emphasizes strong bilingual Chinese-English skills, noble characters and moralities. M.U.S.T. students are molded to fit the demands of the modern, global and scientific culture, economy and society.

The University establishes two state key laboratories, plus four partner research bases and joint laboratory of the key research institutes in humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education of China, which provide outstanding research talents with practice opportunities and research platforms, allowing them to make contributions to the sustainable development of Macao society and the diversification of Macao’s growing economy.

The University attaches equal importance to teaching and research, emphasizing original methods in education. In its pursuit of excellence, M.U.S.T. endeavors to conduct cutting-edge academic research in a variety of areas, strives for progressive development, and thereby aims at joining the ranks of other renowned universities in the Asia-Pacific region.