D2LLearning in South Africa: the evolving education landscape

Learning in South Africa: the evolving education landscape


The higher education system in South Africa has experienced turbulent times in recent years. Student protests, university shutdowns, issues with student finances in the “Fees Must Fall” movement, coupled with high competition for placement have all contributed to a challenging environment. Most recently, it has been necessary to execute a dramatic shift from on-campus to online learning in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Yet, some students lack the necessary equipment or connectivity for this and have home situations not conducive to learning.

Read the first of our two-blog series on learning in South Africa, as we highlight the higher education landscape and some of the challenges that teaching models are striving to overcome. Indeed, the need to bridge the skills gap together with the need to support students without access to finance who struggle to travel to university are fuelling the drive towards a hybrid learning model.

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