Research Excellence and Innovation at CUHK


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is committed to conducting research of the highest international standards, including both basic research in a broad range of subject areas and applied research of social and industrial relevance. Among its most notable research achievements are the advances made in liquid biopsy in prenatal testing and early cancer detection, biotechnological improvements of soybean, molecular analysis for cancer and metabolic disease detection and treatment, drug development for rare neurodegenerative diseases, network coding theory that has revolutionised data transmission and network applications, and artificial intelligence and robotics for innovative technologies in biomedical and smart city applications.

CUHK is a member of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) which aims to promote international collaboration in research and graduate education. The University joined the network in 2011 as the only member university in Hong Kong and has since then taken an active role in it.


In the University’s Strategic Plan 2016-20four research priorities are identified based on our research excellence to address some of the most pressing issues of the world today. 

  1. China Studies

As China takes centre stage in the world’s economic, cultural and political arenas, the bilingual and multi-disciplinary field of China Studies becomes an essential source of understanding for all things Chinese.

  1. Translational Biomedicine

Advances in omics and big data analytics have transformed biomedical research and the practice of medicine in recent years leading to the development of Precision Medicine. Next Gen whole genome sequencing analyses of circulating nucleic acids allow non-invasive pre-natal diagnosis of genetic disorders and liquid biopsy for early diagnosis and prognosis of cancers. 

  1. Information & Automation Technology

Information technology draws upon multi-disciplinary connections to advance human capacities. 

  1. Environment & Sustainability

The sustainable growth of our world in the future depends on the integration of environmental and socio-economic sustainability aided by advanced information and communication technology.


Hong Kong is transforming itself into a global hub of innovation and technology (I&T). CUHK, recognised as one of the most innovative universities in the city and the region, is playing a lead role in this effort.

The Hong Kong Government has committed to doubling its research funding budget over the next few years and has established two I&T research clusters with HK$10 billion. These two clusters, healthcare technologies, and artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, are areas where CUHK has established expertise and strength. In addition, funding for three schemes under Hong Kong’s I&T Fund will be doubled to promote technology transfer. Approximately HK$20 billion will be devoted to research-related initiatives.

Nationally, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology announced new policies that will enable universities and research institutions in Hong Kong to compete directly for national research funding. Opportunities are also opening up in the Greater Bay Area, the region of southern China that encompasses nine municipalities in Guangdong along with Macao and Hong Kong. These and other incentives are paving the way for a new wave of research opportunities for CUHK. Backed by a reputation of ground-breaking research, an innovative spirit, together with extensive training and support for innovation and entrepreneurship on our campus, CUHK is propelling an innovative future for Hong Kong and beyond.


With the support of a wide array of research institutes and centres, CUHK has long promoted inter-disciplinary research excellence on a local, national and international level. The University also encourages international research collaborations and has established a number of joint research units in partnership with institutions for higher education and research that are helping to advance knowledge in a variety of subject areas and addressing some of the world’s challenges.

Evidence of the strength, variety and impact of CUHK’s research can be seen in the establishment of five State Key Laboratories entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, our eight Areas of Excellence research projects supported by the Hong Kong University Grants Committee, and many collaborations with eminent research institutions in mainland China and overseas.