August 16, 1996

University of Birmingham Research grants Drs S. Blackburn and D. Parker and Professor J. Seville, Pounds 63,8 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (mixing mechanisms in highly loaded suspensions); Dr T. Button, Pounds 77,157 from EPSRC (thick film processing for improved functional ceramics); Professor J. Campbell, Pounds 97,687 from EPSRC (materials in high performance - filling systems for castings); Professors E. Jenkinson and J. Owen, Pounds 1,372,397 from the Medical Research Council (cellular interactions in T-cell development);

Professor J. Callow and Dr J. Green, Pounds 146,400 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (molecular analysis of the haustorial interface in pea powdery mildew); Drs G. Jones and F. Franklin, Pounds 188,588 from BBSRC (molecular and cytological characterisation of meiotic genes from arabidopsis); Dr M. Kearsey, Pounds 133,000 from BBSRC (a comprehensive software package for mapping and analysing quantitative trait loci);

Professor I. Smith, Pounds 135,087 from EPSRC (rovibrational energy transfer and rotational effects on biomolecular reactions); Dr G. Boons, Pounds 130,892 from EPSRC (a new methodology for the concise preparation of oligosaccharides of biological importance); Professor R. Palmer, Pounds 58,205 from EPSRC (nanoscale polymerisation of C60); Professor J. Gunn, Pounds 108,252 from EPSRC (phase diagrams and experimental signatures of haldane liquid); Dr B. Roberts, Pounds 126,068 from BBSRC (spectral regularity and scene analysis in hearing); Professor G. Humphreys and Dr M. Riddoch, Pounds 116,540 from BBSRC (surface and contour-based coding in intermediate vision); Professor R. Harrison, Pounds 50,064 from the Natural Environment Research Council (ACSOE/MAGE air-sea interaction studies) and Pounds 62,209 from Natural Environment Research Council (oxidising of the oceanic atmosphere: measurements of individual NOy species in ACSOE); Miss R. Clarke, Pounds 58,050 from Economic and Social Research Council (Chinese sustainable development in a global context);

Professor D. Marsh, Pounds 80,159 from ESRC via University of Sheffield (the changing role of government departments in the policy process); Professor J. Tann, Pounds 95,170 from ESRC (innovative management in single and related product companies); Dr D. Knight, Pounds 36,235 from EPSRC (performance characteristics of bridgeflow kerb channel units for the drainage of bridge pavement surfaces); Dr D. Dawe, Pounds 111,184 from EPSRC (buckling and vibration of continuous prismatic composite plate and shell structures); Dr A. Chan, Pounds 62,266 from EPSRC (dynamic analysis of soil structure response under large amplitude shaking with or without pore fluid);

Dr H. Evans, Pounds 91,688 from EPSRC (development of a "smart" overlay coating); Professor I. Harris, Pounds 86,158 from EPSRC (advanced processing for optimising the microstructures and magnetic properties of NdFeB-type magnets); Professors J. Campbell, P. Marquis, Drs R. Harding and P. Bate and Mr D. Aspinwall, Pounds 437,057 from EPSRC (development of manufacturing processes for components in gamma titanium aluminide); Professors N. Brown, P. Bacon and I. Trayer, Pounds 611,774 from the MRC (bioinformatics and structural analysis in life sciences); Professor K. Harris, Pounds 79,599 from EPSRC (investigation of factors affecting resolution in high resolution solid state NMR spectroscopy);

Professor P. Knowles, Pounds 41,376 from EPSRC (investigations of density functional theory); Professor J. Dowell, Pounds 43,405 from Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (investigation of the partonic structure of diffraction at Hera); Drs G. Simnett and C. Eyles, Pounds 65,939 from Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (large angle spectrometric cronograph [LASCO] to be flown on SOHO); Drs E. Robinson, D. Peterson and P. Mitchell and Mr K. Riggs, Pounds 62,500 from ESRC (counterfactual reasoning in young children: when do realist errors occur?); Drs F. Wellhofer and J. Abell, Pounds 357,898 from EPSRC (high temperature superconductors: from fundamental science to applications);

Professor J. Gordon and Dr G. Grafton, Pounds 129,204 from MRC (molecular basis for the differential coupling of antigen receptor to function during B cell differentiation); Professor J. Heath, Pounds 37,722 from MRC (neural inducing and regionalising properties of fibroblast growth factors in the chick embryo); Professors P. Edwards, C. Gough, W. Vinen, I. Harris and Dr M. Lancaster, Pounds 246,229 from EPSRC (high temperature superconductors: from fundamental science to applications) and Pounds 575,233 from EPSRC (high temperature superconductors: fundamental science to applications); Dr M. Bradshaw, Pounds 80,318 from ESRC (understanding regional patterns of economic change in Russia); Dr J. Bryson and Professor P. Daniels, Pounds 51,450 from ESRC (small firms, business links and the management of change and innovation); Professor P. Hanson and Dr M. Bradshaw, Pounds 260,090 from ESRC (understanding regional patterns of economic change in Russia);

Mr P. Burridge, Pounds 48,470 from ESRC (size adjustment and power bounds for unit root tests); Professor P. Hall and Dr P. Gardner, Pounds 170,058 from EPSRC (micromachined active antennas); Dr D. Kumararatne, Pounds 91,211 from MRC (relative ability of allotypic variants of IgGFc-receptor type II [FcyRlla] to confer protection against encapsulated bacterial sexes); Professor I. Maclennan and Dr J. Gordon, Pounds 239,328 from MRC (studies on normal and neoplastic B cells); Professor J. Bale, Pounds 60,900 from NERC (interactions between organisms at community boundaries in the uplands: responses to invertebrates to simulated changes in climate);

Dr P. Lund, Pounds 46,852 from MRC (manipulation of chaperone levels to improve protein production in E coli); Professors P. Butler and E. Taylor, Pounds 193,742 from NERC (factors contributing to reduced swimming performance of fish exposed to sub-lethal levels of pH and copper); Dr M. Smith, Pounds 130,531 from NERC (phylogeny of early vertebrates).

European funds

Dr E. Butler, Pounds 142,857 from the Commission (ultra high temperature ceramic matrix composites); Professor T. Bell, Pounds 72,979 from CEC (quantitative model for residual macro stress development during plasma nitriding); Dr A. Milner, Pounds 98,371 from the CEC (arctic and alpine stream ecosystem research); Professor G. Petts, Pounds 98,334 from CEC (European river margins - role of biodiversity in the functioning of riparian systems); Professor G. Foxall, Pounds 42,583 from EU via Cartermill International (Poland, Hungary action research for restructuring of the economy); Professors P. Hanson and J. Cooper, Pounds ,502 from Delegation of EC in Moscow (economic transformation in Russia: regional aspect); Professor E. Nienow and Dr C. McFarlane, Pounds 216,000 from EC (bioprocess scale-up strategy based on integration of microbial physiology and fluid dynamics); Dr M. Al-Rubeai, Pounds 234,640 from EC (apoptosis in cell culture); Professor R. Coates, Pounds 336,000 from EC (MAST 3);

Professor N. Brown, Pounds 83,615 from EC (development of new multisensing biosensors for detection of bioavailable heavy metals in solid matrices); Dr G. Boons, Pounds 63,869 from EC (design and synthesis of high affinity carbohydrate ligands); Drs E. Claridge and J. Newell, Pounds 31,203 from EC (solution avances pour le marche medical intra-hospital Europeen); Professor C. Gough, Pounds 35,471 from EC (Novel high Tc superconductors and multilayer structures).

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