June 30, 1995

KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON Charities. Drs N. Abbott and G. Connolly and Prof P. McNaughton, Pounds 43,005 from the Wellcome Trust (signalling between cells associated with the cerebral vasculature: the role of purines and pyrimidines); Dr G. Jones, Pounds 108,365 from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (role of Rac and Rho proteins in the chemotaxis-driven migration of macrophages); Dr S. Persaud, Pounds 92,705 from the Wellcome Trust (identification by insertional mutagenesis of genes involved in the regulation of pancreatic beta cells);

Dr R. Brooks, Pounds 1,313 from the Wellcome Trust (initiation of DNA synthesis in vertebrate cells: development of cell free system); Dr S. Wilson, Pounds 540,755 from the Wellcome Trust (fellowship in basic biomedical science science - analysis of mechanisms underlying regional patterning of the embryonic vertebrate forebrain); Prof V. Preedy, Pounds 54,491 from the Wellcome Trust (a study of transcriptional control of protein synthesis in alcohol-induced muscle disease); Dr H. Short, Pounds 58,395 from the British Academy (prosopography of the Byzantine Empire);

Prof N. Staines, Pounds 50,300 from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (characterisation of T cell clones reacting with epitopes of type II collagen in arthritis) and Pounds 101,141 from the ARC (specificity and cellular mechanisms of tolerance to collagen administered across mucosal surfaces); Prof A. McGregor, Pounds 363,750 from the Wellcome Trust (postnatal consequences of intrauterine growth retardation: reprogramming of the IGS/IGFBP axis); Dr F. Farzaneh, Pounds 101,561 from the Leukaemia Research Fund (molecular genetic analysis of apoptosis in myeloid and lymphoid cells);

Research contracts:

Mr E. Peck, Pounds 71,500 from North West Lancashire Health Authority (research consultancy to provide advice and support to the Consortium); Mr C. Graham, Pounds 1,660 from South West Thames Health Authority (consultancy to provide advice and support to the Health Authority); Dr B. Sutton and Prof H. Gould, Pounds 123,5 from the National Asthma Campaign (X-ray structure of the mast cell receptor IgE complex and design of inhibitors); Prof J. Wilson-Barnett, Pounds 64,549 from Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust (evaluation of the role of the Parkinson's disease specialist nurse); Mrs S. Robinson, Mr T. Murrells and Prof S. Redfern, Pounds 1,000 from the Department of Health (RMN & RGN Cohort studies);

Prof T. Sanders, Pounds 261,419 from the Min.of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (influence of dietary fatty acids on procoagulant and fibrinolytic activities in humans); Profs T. Sanders and B. Halliwell, Pounds 143,541 from MAFF (influence of dietary n-3 fatty acids on the requirement for vitamin E in humans); Prof N. Noah, Pounds 96,000 from the Lederle Laboratories (surveillance of meningitis in Europe);

Research grants: Dr E. Grundy, Pounds 105,690 from the Economic and Social Research Council (intergenerational relationships and household change); Dr P. Gordon-Weeks, Pounds 161,905 from the Medical Research Council (function of a novel phosphorylated form of Map1 B in axon growth and identification of the kinase); Prof A. Rogers and Dr V. Handerek, Pounds 145,863 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (non-linear optical techniques for distributed fibre measurement of temp and/or strain field);

Prof R. Streater, Pounds 102,043 from the EPSRC (groups, wavelets and the wave equation); Dr B. Sutton, Pounds 62,000 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (surface plasmon resonance equipment to study engineered proteins and synthetic peptides that bind to IgG-Fc and IgE-Fc); Dr S. Bansal, Prof R. Hider, Pounds 165,598 from EPSRC (novel strategy for the controlled synthesis of disulphides in synthetic peptides); Dr D. Knight, Pounds 150,638 from the Medical Research Council (probing the molecular mechanisms of regulated secretion using a recombinant virus expression system); Prof M. Robb, Pounds 64,401 from EPSRC (complete determination of photochemical reaction paths applications to organic photochemistry); Dr G.E. Jones, Pounds 88,244 from the MRC (role of Rac and Rho proteins in the chemotaxis-driven migration of macrophages);

Prof N. Holder and Drs S. Wilson and Q. Xu, Pounds 178,958 from the MRC (functional analysis of spatially regulated receptor tyrosine kinases in the zebra fish embryo); Prof N. Holder, Pounds 198,885 from the BBSRC, administered by EPSRC (senior fellowship); Prof S. Ball, Pounds 88,650 from the ESRC (schools, cultures and values: the impact of the 1988 and 1993 Education Acts); Dr I. Robertson and Prof A. Aghvami, Pounds 146,344 from EPSRC (large-signal characterisation and design of millimetre-wave integrated circuits). to be continued

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