April 12, 1996

BRUNEL UNIVERSITY Research grants Professor R. Paul and Dr J. Brown, Pounds 188,203 (economic evaluation of adjuvant breast cancer treatment); Dr C. Clark, Pounds 192,639 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (influence of flow pulsations on liquid flow measurement by coriolis and turbine flowmeters).

European funds Dr K. Darby-Dowman, Pounds 0,629 from the European Commission (study of advanced transport telematics in urban sites with integration and standardisation).

UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD Research contracts Dr Y. Bennett, Pounds ,000 from the Department for Education and Employment/Kirklees Metropolitan Council (evaluation of the drugs education programmes in Kirklees primary schools); Professor P. Bradshaw, Pounds 46,394 from West Yorkshire Health Authority (audit of outcomes of health service interventions); Professor J. Bullingham, Pounds 195,000 from the Department of Trade and Industry (teaching company scheme with Crosrol Limited); Dr D. Ford, Pounds 167,000 from the DTI (teaching company scheme with Micro Metalsmiths Limited); Mr G. Gibbs, Pounds 31,721 from Northern and Yorkshire Regional Health Authority (women's experience of well-women clinics, measuring outcomes); Professor V. Marshall, Pounds 26,900 from St Ivel (probiotics); Professor J Mason, Pounds 46,000 from EPSRC/CASE (approximation by neural networks in hydraulics); Professor T. McCluskey, Pounds 147,965 from EPSRC (improving the quality of formal requirements specification using machine learning); Research grants Dr S. Greaves, Pounds 35,000 from the EPSRC/CASE (high speed digital pulse position modulation for use in free space optical communication systems); Dr M. Ingleby, Pounds 35,000 from EPSRC (stochastic modelling of control systems); Professor D. Little, Pounds 68,889 (requirements for increased use of software engineering methods and tools within manufacturing industry); Dr G. Lucas, Pounds 120,834 from EPSRC (on-line monitoring of drilling cuttings transport using resistivity tomography); Professor T. McCluskey, Pounds 147,965 from EPSRC (improving the quality of formal requirements specifications using machine learning); Professor M. Page, Pounds 30,158 from EPSRC/ROPA (enzyme catalysed enantioselective ring closure reactions); Dr K. Ramsden, Pounds 25,000 from EPSRC (biotechnology project).

UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL Charities Drs P. Bennett and A. MacGowan, Pounds 33,813 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular biology of betalactamases in aeromonas sobria); Professor A. Roberts, Pounds 26,000 from the Wellcome Trust (roles of feedback excitation from motorneurones in the spinal networks controlling swimming location in a very simple vertebrate xeonopus embryo); Dr Barker, Pounds 40,674 from the Wellcome Trust (identification of T-cell editopes and immunomodulatory eptitude analogues in auto immune haemolytic anaemia); Professor G. Collingridge, Pounds 37,291 from the Wellcome Trust (derivation and electrophysiological characterisation of transgenic animals with learning deficits); Professor D. Wriath, Pounds 218,323 from the Wellcome Trust (T-cell recognition and tolerance in auto immunity); Professor P. Dieppe, Pounds 122,384 from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (osteoarthritis of the knee joint: progression and prospects for treatment - laboratory section) and Pounds 130.539 from the ARC (osteoarthritis of the knee joint: progression and prospects for treatment - clinical section); Dr J. Tobias, Pounds 94,808 from the ARC (investigation into effects of sex steroids on the skeleton); Dr T. Peters, Pounds 28,823 from the Cancer Research Campaign (psychological impact of surveillance for a mildly dyskaryotic cervical smear result: a randomised controlled trial of an educational intervention); Dr O. Russell, Pounds 52,850 from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (accessible findings); Dr C. Robinson, Pounds 80,303 from the JRF (role of children's hospices in provision of short-term care); Professor R. Forrest, Pounds 72,866 from JRF (new problems on the periphery); Dr P. Pearson, Pounds 87,330 from the Royal Society (research fellowship); Dr P. Kolston, Pounds 107,595 from the Royal Society (finate element modelling of the cochlea); Professor A. Smith, Pounds 39,218 from the Linbury Trust (role of psychosocial factors and recurrent infection in the pathosenisis and treatment of CFS).

Research contracts

Dr Richardson, Pounds 28,047 from the Defence Research Agency (X-ray studies of liquid crystals); Mr P. Brinson, Pounds 61,526 from the DRA (experimental investigation of helicopter aerodynamics in critical flight conditions); Professor J. McGeehan, Pounds 46,913 from DRA (conformal array studies); Professor J. Steeds, Pounds 32,741 from the DRA (microscopy of ultra-lightweight alloys); Mr M. Lowenberg, Pounds 114,725 (modelling of aircraft non-linear aerodynamics); Dr N. Dwyer, Pounds 4,838 from the NHS Executive of the Department of Health (multi-centred randomised controlled trial assessing the costs and benefits of using structured information and analysis of woman's preferences in the management of menorrhagia);

Dr B. Reeves, Pounds 48,963 from the Department of Health (systematic review of literature comparing the use of randomised controlled trials and quasi-experimental or observational methods for assessing the effectiveness of interventions and comparing quality of care); Ms A. McLeod, Pounds 132,942 from the Department of Health (outcomes of judicial decision-making in child protection proceedings); Dr T. Pearch, Pounds 48,975 from the Department of Trade and Industry (technology transfer on grinding and other abrasive processes); Professor D. Easty, Pounds 184,657 from the Ministry of Defence (ocular hazards from microwaves);

Mr G. Purnell, Pounds 67,801 from the Meat Livestock Commission (automated fat trimming - control of trimmed-fat depth on steaks, chops and cutlets); Dr J. Wood, Pounds 385,036 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (dietary and genetic influences on fat deposition and fatty composition of sheep meat); Professor G. Davis, Pounds 20,792 from the Crown Prosecution Service (research on the new code for crown prosecutors and its impact on decision-making); Dr I. Barker, Pounds 6,933 fro the NHS Executive North and Yorkshire (incidence, aetiology and management of stroke); Professor D. Nutt, Pounds 39,403 from the NHSE South and West (study in the use of cognitive-behaviour theory for understanding and control of craving in opiate addicts undergoing detoxification); Ms H. Frenkel, Pounds 55,632 from the NHSE South and West (study of effects of an oral health promotion programme for nursing home care assistants on standard of oral care delivered to dependent clients); Professor G. Sharp, Pounds 123,020 from NHSE South and West (development and evaluation of guidelines for detection and management of cases of dementia in the community);

Dr J. Wood, Pounds 196,493 from the Silsoe Research Institute (alleviation of thermal stress experienced by poultry while held on stationary transport vehicle or in lairage); Mr G. Purnell, Pounds 30,000 frokm Lloyd Maunder Ltd (automated fat trimming - control of trimmed fat depth on steaks, chops and cutlets); Dr S. Hanna, Pounds 42,150 from National Power (X-ray diffraction studies and computer modelling of nafion membranes); Dr D. Sherman, Pounds 60,090 from British Nuclear Fuels plc (research into aqueous and surface specification of arsenic, chromium and cadmium); Professor M. Addy, Pounds 37,143 from SmithKline Beecham (determine the effects of PVP on the activity of chorhexidine gluconate); Dr M. Beach, Pounds 176,000 from British Telecom (radio system design using GTD and statistical propagation/virtual university research initiative on mobility); Dr D. Bull, Pounds ,000 from Sony Broadcast (aspects of video signal processing); Professor U. King Pounds 36,000 from A. Stikker (environmental theology).

Research grants Dr N. Williams, Pounds 36,484 from the Medical Research Council (the role of small intestinal lamina proprid antigen presenting cells in the induction of oral tolerance); Professor S. Lightman and Dr J. Holley, Pounds 76,965 from MRC (how hormones and cytokines interact to induce cachexia).

to be continued

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