March 15, 1996

UNIVERSITY OF BRADFORD Research contracts Professors A. Day, L. Porter, Pounds 60,000 from Ford of Europe Inc (professorships/ directors of FordEquip MSc programme); Drs L. Kernohan and J. Lawler, Pounds 35,599 from the Northern and Yorkshire Regional Health Authority (population approach to the secondary prevention of diabetes among Bradford's south Asian population).

Research grants

Dr D. Kouvatsos, Pounds 132,569 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (quantitative analysis of complex broad-band integrated services digital networks (B-ISDNs) with particular emphasis on the creation of solution methodologies and cost-effective algorithms, development of software tools and strict model validation procedures); Drs D. Hothersall and Mr K. Horochenkov, Pounds 112,523 from EPSRC in collaboration with Dr S. Chandler-Wilde of Brunel University (boundary element numerical modelling and experimental modelling at a scale of 1:20 in an anechoic chamber to study the performance of noise barriers).



Professor A. Petch, Pounds 57,000 from Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund (Macmillan research worker in palliative care); Dr I. Jeffcoate, Pounds 102,214 from Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (ovarian function during anoestrus in the bitch); Dr J. Cooper, Pounds 89,620 from the Leverhulme Trust (use of nanotechnology to explore direct interactions between proteins and ultra-small structures); Dr A. Furlong and Mr A. Biggart, Pounds 59,280 from the Leverhulme Trust (educational motivation of low attaining 16-19 year olds); Dr G. Clements, Pounds 182,000 from the Linbury Trust (characterisation of enteroviral sequences found in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: prospective follow up of a cohort of patients); Dr G. Philo, Pounds 62,750 from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (media coverage and audience beliefs on migration/"race"); Professor J. Hough and Dr R. Crawford, Pounds 28,916 from the Royal Society (Glasgow schools physical science/technology initiative); Drs A. Dominiczak, K. Lees, I. Macrae, J. Gordon and Professor J. Reid, Pounds 242,087 from the Wellcome Trust, (susceptibility to cerebral infarction in the stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rate: a combined pathophysiological and genetic approach); Dr W. Carman, Pounds 41,034 from the Wellcome Trust, (further characterisation of hepatitis B variants); Dr D. Maxwell, Pounds 35,666 from the Wellcome Trust (spinocerebellar tract transmission).

Research contracts

Dr G. Doughty, Pounds 65,000 from the Higher Education Funding Councils (teaching and learning technology support network); Professor J. Brown, Pounds 78,000 from the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (Scotland wide astronomy facilities).

Research grants

Dr S. Singh, Pounds 101,830 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (postscript engine based on reconfigurable hardware); Drs A. O'Dowd and D. Miller, Pounds 100,367 from the Medical Research Council (characterisation of the vasoconstrictor action of the histidyl dipeptide cornosine and its receptor).

European funds

Professor P. Macfarlane and Dr I. Hutton, 180,000 ECU from the EU (integrated communication for continuity of cardiac care); Dr K. Hammond, Pounds 34,000 from EU (overcoming social exclusion in urban areas of priority treatment).



Professor M. Lewis, Pounds 52,695 from the British Heart Foundation (evaluation of approaches to gene therapy for angioplasty restenosis); Dr M. Ramsey, Pounds 47,184 from the BHF (study of endothelium-mediated vascular dysfunction in non-insulin dependent diabetes: effect of treatment with L-arginine, allopurinol and captopril); Dr M. Bellamy, Pounds 75,100 from the BHF (junior research fellowship); Drs I. McDowell and M. Burr, Pounds 86,609 from the BHF (study of plasma homocysteine and vitamin status: a controlled trial of the effect of increased dietary intake of fruit and vegetables in men with angina); Dr J. Alcolado, Pounds 50,000 from the British Medical Association (supporting the Joan Dawkins Fellowship); Dr A. Fraser, Pounds 21,705 from the Heart Research Fund for Wales (overseas doctors' training scheme); Dr M. Rowe, Pounds 91,901 from the LRF (analysis of the EBV latent membrane protein (LMP1) in relation to Hodgkin's disease and lymphoid malignancies); Dr C. Wiles, Pounds 32,500 from the Motor Neurone Disease Association (care and research centres - definition and criteria); Dr M. Ludgate, Pounds 56,289 from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (investigation into the role of truncated thyrotropin receptor transcripts in thyroid associated ophthalmolpathy); Dr S. Mann, Pounds 120,000 from the Royal Society (research fellowship); Professor P. McGuffin and Dr N. Craddock, Pounds 641,862 from the Wellcome Trust (study of genetic linkage of bipolar disorder in nuclear families); Drs M. Davies and S. Yung, Pounds 173,114 from the Wellcome Trust (study of modulation of hyaluronan and proteoglycan synthesis by human peritoneal mesothelial cells in response to injury); Dr D. Crawford and Professor J. Woodcock, Pounds 107,060 from the BHF (study in vivo ultrasound assessment of plaque structure and deformation in balloon angioplasty of peripheral arteries); Drs A. Shah and M. El-Omar, Pounds 88,944 from the BHF (study of endothelial modulation of myocardian contraction in the diabetic heart); Drs B. Morgan and P. Gasque, Pounds 33,229 from the Wellcome Trust (grant to extend fellowship).

Research contracts

Dr D. Owens, Pounds 70,330 from Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd (examine the influence of meal composition on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic effect of a single oral dose of A-4166 during a meal tolerance test); Dr T. Griffith, Pounds 79,705 from the City University School of Engineering (study of magnetic resonance imaging and numerical simulation of flow at the human aortic bifurcation); Dr C. Butler, Pounds 49,084 from the National Health Scheme R&D (Wales) (study of acceptability and feasibility of enhanced "readiness to change" smoking cessation protocol in general practice: clinical and cost effectiveness); Dr C. Wilkinson, Pounds 144,403 from the NHS R&D (North Thames) (evaluation of guidelines for the referral and management of breast disorders; a pragmatic practice-based randomised trial) and Pounds 89,425 from the NHS R&D (Wales) (study of cervical screening risk criteria); Dr P. Hackett, Pounds 37,052 from the NHS R&D (Wales) (study of approachability of GP consultations); Professor J. Shepherd, Pounds 30,558 from BUPA Medical Foundation Ltd (longitudinal study of outcome following retention of disease free and mildly symptomatic third molar teeth);

Drs W. Jiang, M. Hallett and Mr M. Puntis, Pounds 42,981 from the WSDHSR (study into the role of E-cadherin and its associated protein catenins in the invasion and metastasis of human colon cancer); Drs R. Hall and R. Waddington, Pounds 35,911 from the WSDHSR (study of the influence of fluoride on the extracellular matrix metabolism of predentine and dentine); Dr R. West, Pounds 631,681 from NHS Executive (Northern and Yorkshire) (study of rehabilitation after myocardial infaction: multicentre randomised controlled trial); Mr J. Lancaster, Pounds 100,000 from the NHS R&D (Wales) (study of enhancing protocols for investment in health gain); Dr A. Finley, Pounds 74,596 from NHS R&D (Wales) (study into the creation of dermatology outpatient waiting list priority criteria); Professor R. Marks, Pounds 47,800 from Stiefel International R&D (study of digital image analysis of vitiligo photographs);

Miss A. Gallagher and Dr R. Darley, Pounds 29,942 from the WSDHSR (study of the mechanism and significance of overexpression of the RAS oncogene in preleukaemia); Drs E. Sherratt and J. Alcolado, Pounds 52,522 from the WSDHSR (study of population genetics of mitochondrial DNA in Welsh and Castillian patients with diabetes); Drs D. Lloyd Evans, I. Hopkinson and K. Harding, Pounds 47,241 from the WSDHSR (study of the expression of ancestral molecules in tissue repair and tumourigenesis).

Research grants

Dr K. Murphy and Professor M. Owen, Pounds 31,0 from the Medical Research Council (study of chromosome 22q11 deletions and their role in the functional psychoses); Professor L. Borysiewicz, Pounds 116,620 from the MRC (study of restricted T cell receptor usage by cytotoxic T cells in anti-viral and tumor responses); Professors R. Mansel, P Harper and Dr R. Roberts, Pounds 282,340 from the MRC (randomised trial of specialist genetic assessment service for familial breast cancer in Wales); Drs N. Thomas, B. Fuller and Professor R. Shaw, Pounds 38,872 from MRC (study of cryopreservation and maturation of human ovarian tissue); Professors A. Burnett, D Linch and Dr P. Twentyman, Pounds 283,952 from MRC (study of biological characterisation and monitoring of treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia).

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