THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme

The THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme (THE CAP) has been developed to provide school counsellors with world-class professional development entirely free of charge.

The Times Higher Education Counsellor Accreditation Programme (THE CAP) is designed for counsellors working in high schools from all over the world who provide advice to students on career and university selection. Counsellors do not need any previous qualifications or minimum experience in the industry to complete the programme. They do however need to be actively working at a specific school and have an official school email address. Once the counsellor has gained the THE CAP Accreditation, the school will also become a THE Accredited Counsellor School for the duration of time the counsellor is working there and accredited.

We recognise that counsellors play a truly pivotal role in helping students make life changing decisions on their future studies and careers, and this programme aims to enable their development as practitioners. Through innovative content, expert-generated resources, thought-provoking discussions, and unparalleled access to industry-led best practices, this is an accreditation programme that is truly relevant and valued by the education sector.

The programme comprises of 12 modules that take approximately 12 hours to complete in total. The content is in English, available online and on demand so can be completed at your own pace. Upon completion, participants are required to submit written and video-based reflections and action plans, which are reviewed by the THE Editorial Team and may be published on the THE website at their discretion.

THE CAP Accredited Schools

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An Accreditation Programme for Counsellors by Counsellors

The programme is a unique combination of Times Higher Education’s data and insights in global higher education and Common Purpose’s expertise in running leadership development programmes all over the world. Designed by counsellors, for counsellors, the development of the programme has been driven by the THE International Schools Advisory Board, who play a pivotal role in shaping the course structure and content. 

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THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme

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THE CAP was probably one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had in my 15-year career. Everything is extremely current and applicable.

Jenny Tassell's avatar

Jenny Tassell

International School of Panama, Panama

This has brought me to a whole different level… I’m a totally different person now after THE CAP and that’s what I will take back to my school and to my community.

Buket Ayaz's avatar

Buket Ayaz

Nord Anglia International School, Dubai

THE CAP can help counsellors from around the world brush up on their knowledge, validate their experiences and gain a lot more insight into the world of college counselling.

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Augusto Neto

St Paul’s School, Sao Paulo

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Counsellor Accreditation Programme is completely free.


The THE CAP has an average completion time of 12 hours. Counsellors may complete the online modules at their own pace over four weeks. Once all online modules are complete, counsellors will then have a further four weeks to complete the written assessment.


When you successfully complete the programme and submit the assessment, you will receive a personalised certificate, e-mail signature and social media badges that accredit you as a Times Higher Education Accredited Counsellor, which you can proudly display. The school you work at will also be listed on the THE website.


The 2023/4 THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme is valid until 31/12/2024. After that, there is an expectation that accredited counsellors undertake “top up” modules to maintain their accreditation, to ensure they keep abreast of the latest sector trends and developments. Midway through 2024, counsellors who are already accredited will be able to build credit for their 2025 accreditation status.


If you are changing schools, please let us know at and we’ll ensure that your details are updated. You take your accreditation with you and your new school will be listed on the THE website. Your previous school will need to ensure that the new counsellor is already accredited or ask the new counsellor to complete the THE Counsellor Accreditation Program (THE CAP).


The course can be taken completely online once the new modules are released in October 2023. Modules are also offered at THE/ BMI in-person International Schools Forums & Workshops throughout the world, offering an opportunity to network face-to-face with other counsellors from your region and meet universities and colleges from across the world in pre-scheduled meetings.

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The THE/ BMI in-person International Schools Forums & Workshops take place throughout the world and are completely free of charge but fill up quickly. You apply via the event website and will receive a response within 48 hours. Participation is completely free and normally includes one nights deluxe hotel accommodation – normally the same place as the event - on the first day, a welcome reception and dinner as well as breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks on the second day. Events fill up quickly so its best to apply as soon as possible. Please note the Global Event, which will take place in London or Sydney in 2024, is by invite only. It includes: return airfare from your country, 4 – 7 nights accommodation, most meals, THE CAP sessions and visits to universities. Only counsellors who have attended the regional events in their own country will be considered for this event. In countries where there are no in-person events, invitations are reviewed and sent out by the events committee.


Apply Now for the THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme. Also check if there is an in-person event in your country/region and you can participate in those events to get a head start.

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If you are changing schools, just let us know at and we’ll ensure that your details are updated. If you are moving into a role outside of a school, however, your accreditation will not be valid, as it is currently only for counsellors employed by a particular school. In due course, we are looking to expand our professional development offering to adjacent sectors (such as independent counselling), however, the THE CAP is currently only for counsellors employed by a particular school.


If you have any questions or comments about THE CAP or THE Counsellor please get in touch with us via email

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Once you complete all the online 12 modules, you will be required to submit a written resource. The resource will be assessed by the THE Counsellor team and you will receive your certificate once the submission has been assessed and passed. Additionally submissions will also be considered for publication on the THE Counsellor resource-sharing platform Please note that this would only be published with your consent and after a review by the THE Counsellor editorial team. The editorial review process may take up to eight weeks after you submit your resource. The team will contact you only if they wish to use it. You will be contacted within eight weeks only if your submission has been considered for publication. Submissions do not have to be published on THE Counsellor, in order to pass the THE CAP. If you do not want your submission to be considered, please state this clearly when submitting your assessment. You can view the marking guidelines for each of the four assessment criteria below:

• Pass - include keywords and initiatives that can be attributed back to the THE CAP • Fail - does not include any keywords or initiatives that can be attributed to the THE CAP

THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme

Apply now to begin your journey to becoming a THE Accredited Counsellor

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