World University Rankings 2023: trends in international outlook

Which regions have the most global connections? The data reveal some surprises

十月 12, 2022

World University Rankings 2023: results announced

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The international pillar of the World University Rankings measures the proportion of international students and staff as well as international collaboration. Drilling down into this pillar reveals that the regions excelling are not the usual suspects.

Oceania scores significantly higher than any other continent, with Europe coming in second. At the other end of the scale, Africa has a better average score than both Asia and South America, although it has remained fairly stagnant in recent years.

The top three countries when it comes to international working are Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

At the country level, Malaysia has improved more than any other, with an increase of 11 points over the past five years. Slovakia increased from 33 to 43 and Iran from 17 to 26.


Print headline: Global horizons



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