Paris-Saclay University

2021 世界大学排名
Espace Technologique, Bat. Discovery - RD 128 - 2e é, Saint-Aubin, 91190, France

关于 Paris-Saclay University

Université Paris-Saclay is founded by 14 outstanding institutions of higher education (AgroParisTech, CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Université d’Evry, Université Paris-Sud et Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) and research organizations (CEA, CNRS, Ihes, Inra, Inria, Inserm, Onera) working together on a common project, pooling courses and research of the highest national and international standard at the heart of a vast ecosystem equipped with high-technology facilities and companies, southwest of Paris.

Université Paris-Saclay welcomes 65,000 students including 9,000 Master’s students from 127 countries, and 4,600 Ph.D. students (42% international). The university also accounts for 9,000 research-professors.

Université Paris-Saclay offers a wide range of courses, from bachelor degrees to doctorates, recognized on an international level, within the fields of Basic Sciences, “Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food, Society and the Environment”, “Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy”, Humanities, “Engineering, Information Science and Technology”, Social Sciences, Law and Political Science, and “Sports Sciences and Human Movement”. Université Paris-Saclay also offers international Summer Schools throughout the year. These programs target all types of audiences (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., Postdoc, Researchers) and cover a wide range of fields of research.

Cross-cutting research is one of Université Paris-Saclay’s key priorities. Working in one of the 275 laboratories of the Paris-Saclay ecosystem, our teams of researchers produce over 12,000 scientific publications per year and have an international standing in many fields such as mathematics, laser and particle physics, astrophysics, neuroscience, nanoscience, material sciences, chemistry, neuroscience, plant sciences, engineering, economics and business, law, political and social sciences. Université Paris-Saclay has given rise to 10 Fields medalists and 2 Nobel laureates.

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  • 28,618
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