Allegheny College

2020 美国大学排名
520 N. Main Street, Meadville, Pennsylvania, 16335, United States

关于 Allegheny College

Founded in 1815, Alleghany College is a private liberal arts college located in the town of Meadville, Pennsylvania.

The university is located on a main campus alongside a university-owned recreational area and a protected nature reserve. Aside from a healthcare facility, observatory, extensive library and dining provisions, the university also has a wide range of recreational facilities for students to enjoy.

As well as a wide range of student societies, the university also offers a number of athletics facilities such as gyms, running tracks and a swimming pool. These facilities are available for recreational use and the university’s array of competitive sports teams, including baseball, basketball, American football, tennis, swimming, soccer and golf.

Located in the town of Meadville, close to the Ohio border, Alleghany College is within driving distance of the city of Erie, overlooking the Great Lakes, allowing students to easily experience the world outside of the university campus.

In terms of academia, the university offers a varied range of subjects across both Humanities and Natural Sciences. The university also requires that undergraduate students choose a minor, and often prefers for that minor to be in subject in a very different field to their major.

As well as this, the university also maintains a number of official partnerships with other institutions internationally across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Allegheny College has produced numerous famous and successful alumni, including former US president William McKinley, lawyer Clarence Darrow and the pioneering journalist Ida Tarbell.

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  • $49,500
  • $11,650
    On-campus Room and Board
  • $45,970
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