Research assessment chairs

一月 1, 1999

The Higher Education Funding Council for England has announced the following chairs of unit of assessment panels for the 2001 research assessment exercise.

Asterisks mark chairs unchanged since 1996's exercise: Clinical laboratory sciences, Sir John Pattison, University College London; community-based clinical subjects, Nicholas Day, University of Cambridge; hospital-based clinical subjects, Leszek Borysiewicz, University of Wales College of Medicine; clinical dentistry, Nairn Wilson, University of Manchester; joint panel of pre-clinical studies, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, Graham Dockray, University of Liverpool; pharmacy, Stanley Davis, University of Nottingham; nursing, Senga Bond, University of Newcastle; other studies and professions allied to medicine, Gerry McKenna, University of Ulster; psychology, Vicki Bruce*, University of Stirling; biological sciences, William Hill, University of Edinburgh; joint panel of agriculture, food science and technology and veterinary science, Sir James Armour, University of Glasgow; chemistry, James Feast, University of Durham; physics, John Enderby, University of Bristol; joint panel of earth sciences and environmental sciences, Peter Liss, University of East Anglia; pure mathematics, Nigel Hitchin, University of Oxford; applied mathematics, David Crighton, University of Cambridge; statistics and operational research, Byron Morgan, University of Kent at Canterbury; computer science, Ian Wand, University of York; joint panel of general engineering and mineral and mining engineering, Michael Gregory, University of Cambridge; chemical engineering, John Perkins, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; civil engineering, Warren Pescod, University of Newcastle; electrical and electronic engineering, Peter Grant, University of Edinburgh; mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering, John Spence, University of Stratchlyde; metallurgy and materials.

Robert Young*, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology; built environment, Peter Brandon*, University of Salford; town and country planning, John Punter, University of Wales, Cardiff; geography, Richard Munton, University College London; law, Hugh Beale, University of Warwick; anthropology, Philip Burnham*, UCL; economics and econometrics, David Greenaway, University of Nottingham; politics and international studies, Albert Weale, University of Essex; joint panel of social policy and administration and social work, Susanne MacGregor, Middlesex University; sociology, John Urry*, Lancaster University; business and management studies, Cary Cooper*, UMIST; accountancy, David Otley, Lancaster University; American studies, Judie Newman, University of Newcastle; Middle Eastern and African studies, Philip Alexander, University of Manchester; Asian studies, Tim Barrett*, School of Oriental and African Studies; European studies, Kenneth Dyson*, University of Bradford; Celtic studies, William Gillies, University of Edinburgh; English language and literature, John Barnard, University of Leeds; French, Celia Britton, University of Aberdeen; German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages, John Flood*, University of London; Italian, Laura Lepschy, UCL; Russian, Slavonic and East European languages, John Elsworth*, University of Manchester; Iberian and Latin American languages, Trevor Dadson, University of Birmingham; linguistics, Greville Corbett, University of Surrey; classics, ancient history, Byzantine and modern Greek studies, Chris Carey, Royal Holloway, London University; archaeology, Michael Fulford, University of Reading; history, Michael Prestwich*, University of Durham; history of art, architecture and design, Diana Donald, Manchester Metropolitan University; library and information management, Judith Elkin, University of Central England; philosophy, David Evans, Queen's University of Belfast; theology, divinity and religious studies, Duncan Forrester, University of Edinburgh; art and design, Norma Starszakowna, University of Dundee; communication and media studies, Philip Schlesinger*, University of Stirling; drama, dance and performing arts, Baz Kershaw, Lancaster University; music, Nicholas Cook, Southampton University; education, Sally Brown, Stirling University; sports-related subjects, Christopher Gratton, Sheffield Hallam.



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