'PIVNET 2' brings high-tech flow measurement to industrial end users

一月 23, 2004

Brussels, 22 Jan 2004

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), a technique for measuring the displacement of particles in flow, can be used in a wide variety of applications. The EU-funded PIVNET 2 Thematic Network is now making a concerted effort, through a series of workshops, presentations and meetings, to bring this technology to a larger industrial audience.

PIV is a technique in which fine particles are photographed while moving through a sheet of pulsing laser light. The resulting images are used to determine the displacement of the particles and are highly useful in helping to understand aerodynamic properties.

The PIVNET 2 Thematic Network is aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of PIV in different areas. Until now largely confined to aeronautics applications, PIV can also be used to measure the aerodynamic properties of cars, trucks and turbomachinery, and in maritime transport applications.

Getting the word out

Organisers say the main objective of PIVNET 2 is to establish direct information exchange between end users in industry and PIV developers in universities and research institutes. End users need a clearer understanding of the technique while developers can learn about problems in industry that can be addressed using PIV. With this in mind, PIVNET 2 is organising a number of events over the coming months:

  • 'PIV technique for the investigation of wake vortices' – workshop and presentation of technique tentatively planned for spring 2004 at the ONERA B20 catapult facility in Lille;
  • 'PIV in turbomachinery' – workshop and presentation of technique, 11-12 February 2004 at DLR in Cologne;
  • 'PIV for microfluids' – workshop tentatively planned for April 2004 at TU in Delft, the Netherlands;
  • 'Applications of PIV in SMEs' – workshop, 18 February 2004, VKI, Brussels (see link below);
  • 'Application of PIV and PSP for problems of transportation' – workshop tentatively planned for spring 2004 at DLR in Göttingen;
  • 'PIV evaluation algorithms for industrial applications in aerodynamics' – workshop, 4-5 May 2004, INSEAN Rome;
  • 'PIV for naval applications' – – workshop and presentation of technique in large water towing tank, 5-6 May 2004, INSEAN, Rome.

Due to space limitations admission to PIVNET 2 presentations is by invitation only.

More information:

Send e-mails to pivnet@dlr.de

'PIV in SMEs' workshop, Brussels (PDF - 172 Kb)

PIVNET 2 website

DG Research
http://europa.eu.int/comm/dgs/research/i ndex_en.html
Item source: http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/aeron autics/info/news/news23_en.html



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