Not so fresh a fresher

十一月 30, 2001

All presidents - not just Bill Clinton - have to expect prurient interest in their sex lives. And so it proved when Owain James, the serious and squeaky-clean president of the National Union of Students, chatted to students on an internet talk-board. For the most part he was bombarded with posers about student loans, fees and campaigning.

But "BigGaloot" could not resist asking "How many people did you sleep with during freshers week, when you were just starting university?" "None,'" Mr James replied manfully, adding in a pious tone: "I hope those who do, do so safely."

Meanwhile, the NUS has launched a "safe drinking" campaign - but its slogan risks dooming it to failure. After all, how many well-oiled 18-year-olds would be able to say "If you do do drink, don't do drunk" - let alone act on it?

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