No funding for reproductive human cloning, insist MEPs

四月 26, 2002

Brussels, 25 April 2002

Yesterday Parliament's Industry Committee adopted by a large majority its second-reading report on the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development, a five-year scheme with planned funding of EUR 17.5 billion.

Rapporteur Gérard CAUDRON (PES, F) noted that the Council had included a large number of Parliament's amendments in its common position. However, the committee adopted about 90 amendments, of which around 30 relate to the Framework Programme's specific programmes.

Amendments retabled by the committee from first reading include calls for:

-endorsement of the "stairway to excellence" concept;
-health research to be extended beyond the field of genomics;
-the integration of sustainable development and the reduction of external environmental costs;
-the promotion of basic research and space research;
-the inclusion of research into health risks and health improvements;
-increased participation of SMEs in all areas of the framework programme;
-research into the preservation of the cultural heritage.

The rapporteur recommended not retabling the amendments on ethical issues as Council had not reached agreement here and conciliation would become unavoidable if plenary adopted amendments on this point. However, the committee did not endorse the rapporteur's approach, instead opting to retable, word for word, the text from first reading which calls for the Sixth Framework Programme not to finance research activity into human cloning for reproductive purposes, the creation of embryos for research purposes including somatic cell nuclear transfer, and research activity which would lead to the modification of the genetic heritage of human beings.

This second reading recommendation, under the codecision procedure, is expected to be debated and put to the vote at the Strasbourg plenary during the week May 13-16.

24.04.2002 Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy       In the chair: Carlos WESTENDORP Y CABEZA (PES, E)

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