No desire for single union

四月 12, 1996

John Akker (THES, March 29) seems to have got himself caught in a logical cleft stick. On the one hand he argues for a single educational union but wishes it to be confined to postschool education. On the other hand, he recognises the need for distinctive policies and structures for each sector but rejects the conclusion that each distinctive sector can best be served by a distinctive union. He cannot have it both ways; either there should be a single comprehensive educational union for nursery school teachers through to postdoctoral research fellows or each sector should have its own union.

The fact that "the early promise of confederation (between AUT and Natfhe) has not produced the necessary integration" must indicate that there is no substantial support for a composite amalgam union devoid of a sharp sectoral focus.

H. L. Mason Assistant national secretary, Association of University and College Lecturers



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