New web site on Biosociety

五月 7, 2003

Brussels, 06 May 2003

The website aims primarily at stimulating interactions between biotech researchers and social scientists, economists and ethical experts active in the field of life sciences. Interesting features include a Searchable database of experts in different related fields and a Glossary of Biosociety terms

There is also a Bioforum for interactive discussion of Biosociety topics.

The new online Bioforum offers an arena for open and pluralistic debate on critical Biosociety-related issues. Whether you are a specialist or have a general interest in life sciences and biotechnology, we want to hear your views.

9-14 May 2003
Socio-economic research and geographic information systems

This conference will focus on environment and health with a special emphasis on geographic information systems (GIS). Spa, Belgium.

15 April 2003
Living with GM crops

The European Commission recently held a policy discussion on how to ensure the "co-existence" of genetically modified, conventional and organic crops. The goal is to make sure that Europeans have the choice of what food they eat and plant.

12 March 2003
Towards ethical research in developing countries

An independent group of European ethicists has welcomed EU efforts to combat poverty related diseases in developing countries, but has stressed the importance of ensuring that clinical research is carried out to the same high standards as in industrialised countries.

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