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十一月 9, 2006


London supplement
Published in The Times Higher
on November 9 2006


London's universities span the city in a web of undergraduate teaching, adult learning and research. The challenges they face - economic, technological and social - are immense.

Local learning, global reach  
No other city offers such a vast array of study opportunities, from foundation degrees to PhDs, but it is London's international links that cement the capital's reputation

The knowledge business goes into boom time  
Industry and higher education are uniting to convert the intellectual resources in London's universities into sustainable economic growth and social gains

A nursey of industry and innovation  
As hothouses that allow hard-working and talented people to bloom London's universities are hard to beat. But they also strengthen the roots of national prosperity

The creative Kaleidoscope  
Universities in the metropolis foster the talent and research that make London's creative and cultural industry a global leader

A makeover challenge  
Not far from the capital's tourist hot spots are deprived areas crying out for regeneration. Universities are heeding the call and leading the revival

The dreams merchant  
Giving confidence to the capital's kids leads them to campus

A healthy prognosis but note the risks  
London leads the world in healthcare research and provision but its diverse and expanding population leaves no room for complacency

We can all be winners  
As well as showcasing our universities, the 2012 Olympic Games are a chance to promote social inclusion among all cultures and classes

Where the world meets to learn, earn and discover  
Whatever foreign students are looking for, the 'knowledge capital' has it



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