International Aerospace Exhibition, Berlin

三月 8, 2004

Brussels, 05 Mar 2004

This year's Berlin Air Show, to take place from 10 to 16 May, will look into issues of air safety, transport and research from the perspectives of an enlarged EU and NATO.

Key European developments such as the Galileo satellite navigation system, the Airbus A380, the A400M and the Tiger will be discussed as well as the following topics:

- new passenger and cargo aircraft;
- innovations in the market for business and private jets;
- new fighter aircraft and weapons systems;
- developments in engine technology;
- tomorrow's world: unmanned space travel;
- success stories from the helicopter sector;
- expanding markets for the equipment industry;
- growing demand for safety, security and comfort;
- state-of-the art training systems;
- space travel - national and European programmes.

For further information, please visit: dex_e.cfm

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