Hostages to fortune

五月 18, 2001


A second term - Tony Blair, speech on the economy, May 15

"Education will be our number-one micro-economic policy in a second term as it was in our first. Education and lifelong learning must be raised to world-class standards"

A second term - Baroness Blackstone, interview with The THES , May 11

"I think what we have to do is to continue to ensure that Britain has world-class universities. I think the extra investment the prime minister promises is going to be very important to achieving that."

Scottish National Party

Scottish tuition fees - John Swinney, leader of the SNP, Edinburgh University Students' Union, May 10

"At the start of the campaign, there is already a split between Labour MPs and the Lab/ Lib Scots government on this crucial issue. The coalition tries to pretend that tuition fees have been abolished (in Scotland) when every student in Scotland knows that they have merely been deferred."


Freeing universities - Conservative manifesto

"Conservatives want our universities to be free to shape their own character and specialisms, competing with the world's best for students and research funding.

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