From today's UK papers

十二月 5, 2000


The government has decided against bringing forward new measures in the Queen's speech to crack down on militant animal rights activists


John Gray, professor of European thought at the London School of Economics, predicts an anarchic future for us with the collapse of the global warming talks

Donald MacLeod and Nick Tester look at new ways of making universities pay

Anthony Hopwood, successor to John Kay as director of Oxford's Said Business School, argues that though Oxford is wary of change, the new wins out in the end

Donald MacLeod reports on a groundbreaking e-lecture on the German defeat in the second world war

Eileen Sheridan says that fee debts are boosting the middle-class presence in law

John Crace reports that an ex-lecturer taps into a rich seam for her thriller plots


Sir Aaron Klug, president of the Royal Society, says, in his lecture to mark the end of his five-year term of office, that the wise scientist listens to public opinion


Anti-smoking campaigners have reacted furiously to a £3.8m donation by British American Tobacco to Nottingham University, that will establish an international centre for corporate social responsibility ( Financial Times , Guardian , Independent )

Scientists hope they may yet discover life on Mars, as the latest pictures from a spacecraft orbiting the planet suggest it was once covered with seas and lakes that could have supported organisms ( Financial Times , Guardian ,  Independent , Daily Telegraph , Times )



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