Fightback of beyond

十一月 28, 1997

Stephen Glover, in his review of the magazine Prospect (THES, November 7), writes: "If you are living in the back of beyond in Wisconsin, a glossy magazine may be your only lifeline to sentient thought."

As a resident of Wisconsin, I take offence at his reference to this great state as the "back of beyond".

I could respond by saying that it is a matter of location, that is, to my fellow Wisconsinites, somewhere in the suburbs of London might strike them as the "back of beyond"; but I won't because I love London in all its variety. I could say that in the age of cyberspace there is no back of beyond, but that would be foolish postmodernism. So, I will just say that Glover does not know what he is talking about.

Harvey J. Kaye

Professor of social change and development University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay, US



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